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Although some may not consider the 2022 Ford Maverick a true pickup truck, it has been extremely popular. From its standard hybrid powertrain to an affordable price, Ford’s small truck has been attracting a diverse group of buyers. Even those who prefer a traditional truck experience may be interested in the 2022 Maverick model. And that is especially true when the range of available lift kits are available to give this compact pickup more ground clearance and an aggressive look.

Should you lift a Ford Maverick?

The Ford Maverick is a unibody truck, but it can still look good with a lift kit. A variety of different brands have made aftermarket kits to help improve the looks and functionality of the 2022 Maverick. One of these companies is Ford Ranger Lifts.

While we haven’t tested the product for ourselves, Ford Ranger Lifts does offer a 2.0-inch lift kit for the all-wheel drive Maverick. With this lift kit installed on the Maverick, you will be able to install bigger tires if you want and enjoy some heightened ground clearance.

It is worth noting that this specific Maverick lift kit is specifically for the AWD Maverick, which means it is not meant for front-wheel-drive models. Those interested in lifting their Maverick likely do not have the hybrid powertrain with FWD to begin with. And that is because a lift would negatively impact the efficiency of a hybrid pickup truck.

Why should you lift a truck?

Lifting a truck comes with multiple benefits, it means you can traverse more rugged terrain and you can add larger tires to your vehicle. If you are interested in doing some light off-roading in your 2022 Maverick, a lift kit can help you tackle situations you may not be able to with a stock configuration.

A Ford Maverick compact truck with Area 51 paint has lumber loaded into its bed.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

Different lift kits will have different costs. And, you probably should not go with the cheapest option. When it comes to the reliability of aftermarket equipment, price is often a reflection of quality. So a cheap lift kit may affect the ride quality of your truck.

Does a truck need alignment after a lift kit?

After you install a lift kit on your truck, it is a good idea to have its alignment checked. According to Fold Magazine, the best method may be to have a wheel alignment done after driving several thousand miles to make sure that everything is settled in.

In other’s opinion, you should align your truck as soon as possible after installing a lift kit or leveling kit. So, it is probably a good idea to consult with a mechanic on what is the best way to keep your Maverick functioning as it should.

Does the Maverick have a factory lift?

A pair of Ford Maverick compact trucks navigate an urban environment.
Ford Maverick | Ford

As of 2022, Ford is not offering a factory lift for its small truck. In the future, it may make sense for the brand to do so. Especially for those customers who are interested in a compact, off-road truck.


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