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In 1914, a world-class automobile marque was established, and that was Maserati. Owned by Fiat Chrysler Group, now formally Stellantis, the brand set its foot in different parts of the world, and, like the other brands ruling the world, Maserati found its logo in its early days.

In the 1920s, the big brand in the automobile industry made the Neptune Trident its logo. However, the emblem of Maserati kept on evolving as the brand gained fame among the masses. With a long history of logo changes and variations, Maserati became quite popular due to its vehicles and brand image. 

The Maserati logo and lettering of the Italian automotive manufacturer seen at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport
The Maserati logo and lettering | Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

In 1926, the Maserati brand introduced a silver metalled logo wrapping around a vertical rectangle. A trident image with a thin wood mark was displayed beneath it. This was highlighted with a modern look and capital letters, making it appear stylized and appealing.

Again in 1937, the symbol was changed with an oval inside the rectangle as stated in 1000 Logos. The trident was made bold and straightforward with the help of a horizontal line separating the two distinct parts. 

This same method and approach were held in different variations until the current logo debuted in 2020. The colors used were a black-white combination with slight modification for balancing the trident’s image. Additionally, the lines were made sharp, bold, and long to make them impactful. The letters are joined end to end to indicate swift movement and the progress of the brand’s goals and impact on the automotive market.

The symbol of Maserati and its meaning 

The top Italian luxury automaker’s rich history has always preserved its original symbol and logo throughout its life. According to Maserati, that would be the deity of wind and sea, Neptune. His power was seen when he used his trident to respect the wind, waves, and marine animals.

Ancestors believed the trident to be the device that indicates power. Meaning, when the magic trident was in the hands of Neptune, it was a life savior for those who believed in him, and for others, it was a threat. The same was the motive of Maserati’s symbol that proved the actual competitive threat to other automobile manufacturers

The original shape & structure of Maserati’s Emblem


Maserati is a Luxury Car Brand Owned by a Familiar Face

A vertically elongated oval was seen from the beginning of the company. For four years, the emblem was made smooth despite the sharp top-bottom corners. However, the font of the brand’s logo was eventually changed with time, but there were no fundamental alterations, only minor details. The company always preferred a blue background with white letters. The letters were always of the same height, and the logo’s look was only made slightly more slender.