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The future of cars seems to be electric. What was once a niche market has now turned into a more widespread mission for auto companies to create more sustainable cars that are both good for the environment and just as powerful as its gas-operated counterparts. The latest automaker to introduce more EVs to its catalog is the luxury brand, Maserati.

The popularity of Maserati cars has faded over time, probably because the company has had the same lineup for many years. We recently learned from Car and Driver that a slew of new Maserati vehicles will appear on the market soon. These include the Alfieri, new versions of previous models, and a brand-new SUV.

Higher autonomy

Inside each of these new vehicles will be updated technology to bring them a little bit closer to being fully autonomous cars. Self-driving cars have undergone extensive development and research over the past few years.

One of the big reasons that pedestrian death and other accidents are on the rise is because of a lack of awareness from the driver. Self-driving cars can detect obstacles on the road. The technology can even determine if the driver is drowsy or if their driving is impaired.

Currently, the plan is to release the new Maseratis with Level 2 autonomy. This means that it still needs a human driver but it can self-park and change lanes all by itself.

Eventually, the vehicles will have Level 3 autonomy. This means that a human driver must still be present in case of an emergency. However, the car can do a majority of the driving by itself. The company has not stated when this update will be implemented.


The Alfieri was first revealed to the public in 2014 as a concept car. It had the same chassis as the GranTurismo, so many speculated that it would serve as a replacement for the older car. However, as the years went by with no news, some began to wonder if the Alfieri was ever going to be widely available. 

The company confirmed last year that the Alfieri was still in production and dropped a few details about its powertrain. The hybrid variant will have a battery system with 800 volts of power and all-wheel drive.

The company stated that this twin-motor engine will have considerable power, with a top speed of 186 miles per hour and an acceleration rate of 0-62 in just two seconds. A standard gas engine will be available as well, likely a V-6 twin-turbo. The car can be purchased in both coupe and convertible trims.

New Maserati SUV

A second SUV is also slated to go into production as early as 2021. Like all the new Maserati offerings, buyers will have to option to purchase the car with a standard or electric drivetrain. Maserati already has one existing SUV, the Levante, which won’t be going away once the new SUV hits the market. An electric version of the Levante is also in development.

GranCabrio and GranTurismo

According to an Alfa spokesman, the two grand tourers of the lineup are going to be discontinued after more than 10 years. These replacements will either be all-electric or have a hybrid powertrain. The cars won’t go into production until at least 2023.

Ghibli and Quattroporte

A hybrid version of the Ghibli sedan is set to be released in 2020. Maserati hasn’t given any new statements about the fate of Quattroporte, its oldest available car.

However, after looking at this leak of some new trademark registrations from AutoGuide, it’s very probable that an electric version of the car is coming soon.