Martha Stewart Drives a Much Cooler Car Than You Think

Martha Stewart has built an empire on DIY, tablescapes, and organic gardening. She has been typecast into the MacGyver of crafting and artisanal baking. If you aren’t one to keep up with her close friendship with Snoop Dogg, you might have overlooked her “cool factor”. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the car she drives. Martha Stewart drives a much cooler car than you think. 

Martha Stewart Drives a Much Cooler Car Than You Think

If you were to poll a crowd, or even just your friends, as to what Martha might drive to brunch, we’re betting you’d get a lot of responses in a sensible, functional vehicle segment. Martha revealed through a recent Instagram post that she drives an Aston Martin DB9 with manual transmission. 

According to the post caption, Martha took the Aston Martin DB9 out to deliver eggs to a friend this week. “It’s about 15 years old, standard shift, not a very good radio, but the car sounds great, drives like a dream once you master the gears. I drove to a friend’s to deliver fresh eggs – left them on her sidewalk!” 

Just like many other celebrities, this is only one of several vehicles Martha owns. In another Instagram post, she reveals that both she and her driver love the Mercedes-Benz GLS450. Stewart has forged a well-known ambassador relationship with Mercedes as well. 

“Here I am in my Mercedes-Benz GLS450. It’s like riding in a cloud – very responsive and effective. My drivers and I love its maneuverability and comfort. @mercedesbenzusa #MBAmbassador.”

Through many other posts, Martha shows her love and fascination for many types of vehicles. Her post on the Ford family station wagon here with the caption “One of my favorite station wagons ever! And the color! @Fordfairlane no country squire! “

She also posted posing with Dr. Oz on the hood of a Lincoln Continental h

In Miami, she cruised around with Ferrari. 

Now that we have discovered that Martha has an inclination toward automotive, we’re wondering if Snoop Dogg will ever collaborate with her on car customization. He has been known to trick out several Buicks and Cadillacs. Will the “Doggfather” ever get Martha to fall in love with lowriders?