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It isn’t every day you see a marathon runner trying to outrun a car, let alone a Tesla. Robbie Balenger is a vegan ultra-endurance runner that has set his sights on the Tesla Model 3. Can Balenger match the Tesla electric vehicle?

The Tesla Model 3 has a range of around 250 miles, but Robbie Balenger has run beyond that before

Will a Tesla Model 3 outrun a runner?
A Tesla Model 3 is displayed at the Tesla Experience store | Tang Ke / Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

According to Inside EVs, Balenger is used to running distances. He’s completed regular 26.2-mile marathons, 50 miles, 100 miles, and various other races. So what is one 250-mile race to beat a Tesla Model 3? Both Balenger and the Tesla electric vehicle started the journey at the newest Austin, Texas, Gigafactory.

The Model 3 will drive until it is out of juice, and Balenger will run until he is out of juice. He anticipates the electric vehicle will go about 267 miles. He has 72 hours to get the job done. This feat is titled “Outlast a Tesla” and has actually already started.

Balenger and the Tesla Model 3 started the journey early Monday morning and kept the internet updated via Instagram. With a whole crew alongside him, including his wife, Shelley, Balenger is ready to take on the Tesla range.

Outlast a Tesla Model 3 day one was a success

The Model 3 hit 100 miles pretty quickly on the first day. While it was driving along, Balenger was eating a meal while running and slowly chugging along. His whole crew was along for the ride offering support, food, drinks, and a ride should he need it. By the end of the day, the runner hit about 65 miles while the Model 3 was at 242 miles and trucking along.

Balenger has 57 hours left to run at the end of day one, and the Model 3 has 177 miles of range left. He has run much longer distances than the Model 3 can cover in the past, including 485 miles on the Colorado Trail in 11 days. He also ran across the entire country. No big deal, right?

It isn’t that Balenger can’t run the distance a Tesla Model 3 can cover, but within the allotted time of 72 hours. Colorado has a lot of elevation changes and weather that Austin, Texas, will offer him. This route does have some elevation changes, and as social media showed us, some snakes too.

Robbie Balenger completed the first day with ease, but so did the Tesla

As long as the Tesla has no issues, it should complete the rest of the journey today. This is just the basic rear-wheel-drive Model 3 that he is attempting to outrun. What if Balenger tried to outrun the Model 3 Long Range with a 334-mile range? Or perhaps the Performance version with 315 miles of range.

Keep up with the journey on the Instagram account that is following along with Robbie Balenger the entire way. Is your money on the Tesla or the human? As long as there are some Tesla Superchargers on the route, the EV might have the upper hand. Robbie can’t plug in and charge up, but he does have some vegan oatmeal to keep him moving.

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