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We all have quirks that some people might consider to be unusual. These quirks contribute to our unique personalities — and as long as they don’t harm anyone, there’s nothing wrong with them. However, a conflict recently erupted when a man slammed his girlfriend for her unique habit with her car. She talks to it like it’s a human being.

Woman named her car ‘Angie,’ and says she ‘gives it a drink’ when filling it with up gas

View of woman in a side-view mirror, highlighting woman that talks to car like a person, as posted on Reddit
Woman in side-view mirror | Kairat Murataliev via Unsplash

It’s common for people to give names for their cars and have a close connection with them. However, a 23-year-old woman, who named her car “Angie,” takes this connection even further by frequently talking to the vehicle as if it’s a real person. 

Her 25-year-old boyfriend of nine months explained the situation on the social media site Reddit. To his dismay, the woman says many anthropomorphic things to her vehicle. This includes saying that she gives “Angie a drink” when filling it up with gas or a “bath” when giving it a car wash.

Man details his girlfriend’s ‘car-talking’ behavior on the AITA Reddit forum

Woman sitting on roof of car, highlighting woman that talks to car like a person, as posted on Reddit
Woman on top of car | Averie Woodard via Unsplash

The man detailed his grievances about his girlfriend’s “car-talking” behavior on the “Am I the A****** (AITA)” Reddit forum, as detailed by Mirror. In a post titled “AITA for telling my girlfriend the way she talks about her car is weird and embarrassing?” he wrote, using the Reddit name “OP”:

“I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about nine months now. When she turned 21, her parents gave her a car, and she decided to name it Angie. I learned all this on our first date when she said, ‘Angie took me here.’ I thought that was odd but let it slide.”

“Throughout our relationship, she’s always talked about her car as if she’s talking about another person. When she got a flat [tire] a few months back, she called me and said that ‘Angie’s shoe broke and has to get a new one.’ When she goes to the car wash she describes it as ‘giving Angie a bath.'”

“This all came to a head this weekend when my friends and I went out drinking, and my girlfriend offered to be the designated driver. We were out for a couple of hours, and I admittedly got a bit too drunk. When my girlfriend came to pick us up, she said she was stopping at the [gas] station first ‘to get Angie something to drink.'”

Woman kicked her boyfriend out of her car after he harshly criticized her

The man then described how he harshly criticized his girlfriend:

“This is where I may be the a-hole. I told her I think it’s weird and embarrassing of her to talk about her car like that. It’s a machine, not a pet or a kid, and that she should treat it like how a normal person would treat any machine.”

After her boyfriend slammed her for talking to her car like it’s a human being, the woman didn’t speak for the rest of the drive home. She dropped off the man’s friends and then drove her boyfriend to his apartment. When he asked why they weren’t going back to their apartment, the “car-talking” woman said she needed time to think. She then told her boyfriend to get out of her car. 

‘Car-talking’ woman dumped boyfriend after seeing his post on Reddit

While it doesn’t necessarily confirm who was right or wrong for their actions, most of the commentators of the man’s Reddit post strongly supported his girlfriend — and criticized him. Here are some funny examples, with commentators writing the unique names for their cars:

  • “I asked Sasha since she’s my car & would have a better perspective on this. She said YTA. Sasha also said cars need gas because they’re hungry, not thirsty. She thought it was important for everyone to know.”
  • “Liam Nissan thinks OP should lighten up.”
  • “Theresa, my Tesla, is also in agreement, but my wife hates it when I refer to her by name. I think she’s jealous.”
  • “I asked Taco what he thought of all this. He squirt some fluids and flashed some lights at me. I think that means OP is the AH, or he wants to go play with Herbie.”
  • “My car Bertha agrees. She’s 15 years old and on her last legs, and I frequently give her a pat to the hood or steering wheel and say, ‘Good job, girl. Hold in there just a little longer for me.’ Is it stupid? Sure. Does it hurt anyone? No. YTA.”
  • “My van, Vanna White, also agrees. OP YTA, let people enjoy things. Your girlfriend talking about her car that way doesn’t hurt you or anyone else. It’s just a fun thing she likes to do. Stop being so boring.”
  • Norman (Nissan Note) asked me to point out that if OP hasn’t heard from her for 4 days then she’s likely not his girlfriend anymore.”

Along with the criticism from the Reddit commentators, the man received a dose of reality from — what is now — his ex-girlfriend. In an update on the Reddit post, he wrote, “Well, she dumped me. She found the post, called me, and told me never to speak to her again.”


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