Man Gets a Speed Camera Ticket For Gloating About Not Speeding

As speed cameras get more prevalent here in the U.S., we are getting a closer look at what it feels like to drive for many Europeans. Camera-related speeding tickets are becoming the bane of many drivers’ existence both here and abroad. However, our friends across the pond have been dealing with this a lot longer, making their disdain for these menacing cameras all the more understandable. A man was recently ticketed for gesturing at one of these cameras even though he was under the speed limit. 

Speed cameras are ever-watchful, even if you aren’t speeding 

LadBible reported that Ben Baron is crowdfunding to raise money for his non-speeding fine after flipping double birds at a speed camera in Lancashire, England, in celebration of slowing down enough not to get hit with a speeding fine by the camera. 

English man gets caught flipping off speed camera while being under the speed limit
Ben Baron celebrates not speeding by flipping off Speed camera | LadBible

On the way to work last December, Baron approached a known speed trap in the area in which he had been fined before for speeding, and instead of getting fined for his speed, he got slapped with a fine for taking both hands off the steering wheel to gesture and failing to “be in control of the vehicle.” 

Celebrating not speeding is just as bad as speeding, I guess…

The common fine for failing to not be in control of your vehicle is three points on your license and £100. However, there is a maxim possible fine of £1,000. Even though the whole situation is a bit ridiculous, Baron is in good spirits and has made a good joke of the whole thing. 

Tweet saying that Baron thinks the police took it personally that he was under the speed limit
Baron Tweet | Kennedy News and Media

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“It’s a known hotspot where they put cameras. I knew I was under the limit because I’d been done there previously.”, He continues, “It’s on the brow of a hill, and as you come round the corner, you can see the van. I saw it, and I was elated that I was under the speed limit. Carried on giving the guy the finger all the way past, smiling and laughing. I’m sure the guy took it a bit personally and rewound his tape to see what was going on.” 

Lads will be lads

LadBible mentions that Baron went along with his done, thinking nothing more about the well-earned celebratory bird-flipping as he went to his job as a software developer. After getting the letter in the mail informing him of his infraction and ensuing penalty, Baron claims he was in “tears of laughter” when he saw the image of his expressive celebration. 

Baron then decided to add to the absurdity of it all by starting a GoFundMe to pay for the fine and, more importantly, let others in on the joke. “It’s a clear-cut case of me flipping the bird at them with both hands. It’s a bit of kudos. It is so funny – I’m happy to pay the fine.” Clearly fine with his lot, he continues, “I think, looking on the internet, the maximum fine is £1,000 for that offense. I decided to launch a GoFundMe. Hopefully, people with a sense of humor [will donate]. I’ll pay the fine off then give the rest to charity if there’s anything left.” What a Legend. 

According to LadBible, Baron has received tons of positive and humorous feedback, from jokes to advice on fighting the charge. Baron mentions multiple times throughout the interview that he doesn’t really care to fight it, and even if he did, he is well aware that he simply did the thing he was accused of and is happy with it. 

Baron said, “Online, I’ve had [funny replies] and people telling me how to appeal it, but I don’t think they knew the full story. I can’t necessarily appeal it. Realistically, I don’t think I’ll get away with it because I was doing it.”