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Earlier this week, a Chevy Tahoe SUV was broken down on the side of the road near Disney World in Florida. The disabled SUV was sitting near mile marker six near International Drive when a tour bus somehow got entangled in the mess.

How did the Chevy Tahoe end up in an accident with the tour bus?

A man was crushed while pushing a Chevy Tahoe in an accident near Disney World this week
A man was crushed while pushing a Chevy Tahoe in an accident near Disney World this week | WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando via YouTube

It isn’t clear what happened to the Chevy Tahoe to make it disabled on the side of the highway. The SUV was traveling southbound on SR-417 in Orlando around 5:30 AM, Click Orlando said. The local police confirmed that the road was closed for most of the morning but reopened around 9:45 AM.

Troopers said that a 30-year-old Orlando man was out of the SUV and pushing it along the side of the road. A tour bus was traveling southbound on the same road and somehow did not see the man and the disabled Chevy Tahoe sitting on the side of the road.

The tour bus was traveling in the right lane when it struck the back of the Tahoe SUV. This pushed the man and the vehicle to end up against the guard rail.

The Chevy Tahoe had passengers inside but the tour bus was empty as it headed toward Disney World

Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that the man was pronounced dead on the scene. FHP took a 28-year-old woman and two children to the hospital. These individuals were inside the Chevy Tahoe during the accident. The bus driver, a 56-year-old woman from Kissimmee, was not injured in the crash.

Tour busses are common in this area for bringing tourists to and from Disney World. Since there are so many hotels nearby, these busses travel in the immediate area to help shuttle people onto the Disney campus. Fortunately, this tour bus was empty at the time of the crash.

Florida Highway Patrol says the crash is still under investigation.

The roads in this area are increasingly dangerous

People heavily travel this area of Orlando not from the area. SR 417 is very close to Disney World, and International Drive is one of the major tourism spots off the main Disney campus. Due to this, there are frequent accidents in the area. People are unaware of the layout of the roads and the traffic, which can be confusing.

There are a few ways to avoid a situation like this. The Florida Highway Patrol suggests dialing 911 or *FHP (347) in the case of an accident. If the vehicle is out of harm’s way, it is suggested that the driver and passengers remain inside the car. If the car is disabled on the road and in the way of traffic, it is a good idea to get everyone to a safe spot.

Those from out of the state should learn the road rules before setting off on a drive. The Move Over Law is one of the more critical laws in Florida. “On a two-lane roadway, you are required to slow to a speed that is 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit.” If the speed limit is under 20, drivers must slow down to five miles per hour.


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