A Man Was Carjacked and Kidnapped After Stopping to Help at a Rollover Crash Scene

Typically, a Good Samaritan story becomes representational of humanity’s goodness. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. An Indiana man learned this the hard way after he attempted to help a driver in need at the scene of a rollover crash. The ensuing drama highlights the dangers lurking in the shadows and helps to shine a spotlight on a serious matter

A Good Samaritan has bad luck at the scene of a rollover crash

A rollover car accident on the side of the road with the car upside down.
Rollover car scene | Getty Images

According to WGN, it started on US 30, when police responded to reports of a Chrysler 330 rollingover on the freeway. However, when an unidentified civilian stopped to ensure everyone was OK, the entire situation went awry. Police later learned that the car in question had already been carjacked, and the crash victim was desperate to get away. 

The suspect pulled a gun on the nameless do-gooder and kidnaped them in a last-ditch effort to escape the commotion. The suspect, Randy Terrell Brown-Watkins, remained in the passenger’s seat while the person who helped him took the wheel. Then, at a stop near Chicago, the car’s owner got out and sprawled themselves out onto the ground. 

Unaware of the situation, cops attended to the kidnapping victim while the suspect slid over and drove away. While Brown-Watkins initially got away, the police later found the van with his gun inside. He was arrested several days later. The victim appears to be in good health, but the unbelievable situation highlights the dangers lurking when we least expect it. 

What to do when danger, like a rollover crash, strikes

While situations as dramatic as this one are rare, knowing what to do when you witness a car accident is essential not just for their safety but yours, as well. Geico notes how many accidents are caused by Good Samaritans trying to help others in need and gives readers some guidelines for handling a dangerous situation. 

First, they recommend pulling up 100 feet from the crash when possible. This gives emergency vehicles plenty of space to operate in and reduces congestion for other coming through. After pulling over, they recommend calling 9-1-1 before taking further action. Every second matters in something as dangerous as a rollover or car crash. 

After ensuring emergency services are headed your way, it’s essential to check on the victims to make sure they are OK. Times of high stress can give people a false sense of invincibility. Being aware of the surroundings is essential to make sure your help doesn’t cause harm. Once everyone is safe, Geico recommends securing help and pushing the vehicle off of the road so it does not snowball into other accidents if possible. 

While this will not prevent all possible outcomes, it’s essential to be aware of what to do and know how to avoid a rollover, yourself. 

Preventing rollovers


The Best Ways to Stay Awake While Driving

Rollovers are one of the most frightening experiences a driver can have. Belt & Bruner notes how quickly they can happen to anyone. However, keeping yourself aware and ready greatly improves your chances of surviving such a harrowing ordeal—these range from choosing the right car to standard safety precautions, such as seatbelts. 

Buying a car with a lower center of gravity helps prevent your vehicle from losing control. Furthermore, slowing down for steep turns is preventative for slippage. Always remember to check the tires and keep them properly balanced. Finally, keeping the proper amount of space between you and other cars while keeping your eyes on the road can keep you ready for any sudden moments. 

This Good Samaritan had a situation that will, hopefully, be one of its kind. However, any complications can be adequately prevented by those who keep their eyes on the road and prevent these accidents from happening altogether.