Make Way for the Kia Rebranding Onslaught, “Plan S”

We keep saying it, I know, but it keeps being true; Kia is killing the game. They routinely have launched winning models like the Telluride and the Soul. Although Kia likely doesn’t need much help selling cars, the Korean car company is still planning a major branding shift to launch 11 new cars by 2025.

The new ear for Kia

While these cars used to be a cheap, nearly disposable car back in the days of buy-one-get-one-free deals, it has clearly flipped the script since then. As seen on Gear Patrol, Kia has announced plans to dwarf the past few years’ accomplishments with the coming years’ explosion of new models and new branding. 

Kia Plan S
Imagine Concept | Kia

The new branding can be seen directly in the new badge. It is letting go of the oval logo for a very modern and sleek text badge. 

Kia’s Plan S

The Korean marque is laying out a five-year plan called “Plan S.” The automaker’s new global boss, Ho Sung Song, is the mouthpiece behind this new plan. According to Song, the S stands for “shift.” Knowing that a huge EV movement is inbound for Kia, it’s fair to assume the shift will be from gas-powered cars to all EV.

Kia Plan S
Imagine Concept | Kia

As Gear Patrol notes, Kia is officially rolling out this new branding campaign bright and early in January of 2021. The new logo release in 2021 is only the beginning. 

The goals for the new cars

In an interview with Automotive News, Song says his goals for the line of cars are, “We want to be more dynamic, stylish and inventive.” Again the main “shift” for Kia is an all-new line of mostly electric-powered vehicles. Kia promises 11 new vehicles between now and 2025. That is an extremely impressive undertaking. Think about the last time an automaker came out with 11 new cars available in showrooms in less than five years. The Automotive News interview revealed that seven cars are meant to be all-electric vehicles by 2027. 

Electric vehicles are Kia’s main play forward

Gear Patrol reports that Kia is hoping to move over 500,000 units by the end of 2026. To make good on this goal, it will invest $25 Billion into new frontiers for the company. Basically, Kia is putting its money on the table and going for broke on the electric future of the automotive industry. The first electric-only model is projected to arrive soon. All the investments and S planning are already paying off. Unlike the Niro or some such, this new one is a completely unique electric-only vehicle. That is step one of the promise of Plan S’s 11 new vehicles by 2025.

Kia Plan S
Imagine Concept | Kia

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Moving on up

The marque’s latest models have shown a peek behind the curtain on the new plans the marque has. Song says that the company is planning to move upmarket by adopting more luxury features and better performance options. This doesn’t come as a surprise with the latest models from Kia. 

Brace yourself; Kia is coming to make a big splash in the automotive pond. Fingers crossed for more sporty street models and maybe even some proper off-roaders.