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The Indian car market is full of buyers who would prefer a 4×4 SUV. However, because of the high cost of decent 4x4s, it is hard for many foreign markets to make 4x4s that many people can afford. That being said, India’s own Mahindra – which some would argue are the best tractors in the world  – also makes a little Jeep Wrangler rip-off. A local YouTuber in India went off-roading with a squad of 4x4s. Along with many others, there is a Mahindra Jeep (officially known as the Thar) and a real deal Jeep Wrangler rubicon. I see a competition brewing. 

A Jeep Wrangler and a Mahindra Thar off-roading side by side. This is the same Mahindra that makes Mahindra tractors and nearly everythign else with a motor it seems.
Jeep Wrangler and Mahindra Thar off-roading | YouTube: Anshuman Bishnoi

Is the Mahindra Thar as good as a real Jeep Wrangler? 

Anshuman Bishnoi uploaded the video of the 4×4 mobbing to his YouTube channel. The off-roading squad had the Mahindra “Jeep” Thar, a jeep Wrangler Rubicon, a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, and more. 

The Jeep Wrangler charged the hill first. As should be expected, the Jeep Wrangler easily marched up the hill with little effort or drama. 

Next up was the Mahindra Thar. The cute little Indian jeep driver is calculating and requesting more spotting than the real Jeep from the jump. To be fair to the knock-off jeep, it is the older model, and the Wrangler is a bit newer. 

Although the driver is the biggest factor in off-roading, the Thar ends up getting paused a few different times up the short hill. It is clear that the knock-off just isn’t working with the same capabilities as the real Jeep Wrangler. That being said, the Wrangler looks to have a small lift and aftermarket wheels and tires. 

Mahindra might make the best tractors and the SUVs are good, but some are better than others


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As Cartoq pointed out, One Mahindra Scorpio 4×4 was also in the group. This was the only SUV that actually struggled a bit. It was unable to gain traction, and the side footboards kept bottoming out. After several trials, Mahindra Scorpio also made it to the top of the section. Although for a second there, it really seemed like they would have to call its cousin – a Mahindra tractor – to yank it up the hill, to join the rest of the 4x4s. 

Just to rub some salt in the wound, the Jeep Wrangler took another stab at the hill but this time, without its diff lock engaged. Although the real Jeep had a few slips, it still marched up the hill with ease. 

Unfortunately, the Mahindra Thar got whooped by the Jeep Wrangler

Honestly, this doesn’t come as a surprise. There are several reasons the Wrangler Rubicon starts at $40k, and the Mahindra Thar starts at $13k. One of the biggest reasons is that the Mahindra is cheaper. Its made from cheaper materials and has a cheaper engine which is a 105-hp four-cylinder diesel. 

This isn’t to say that Mahindra products – from the best tractors to decent SUVs – aren’t super cool because they really are. However, cheapness comes at a cost. The Wrangler is nearly three times as expensive, and it shows. 

Not to contradict myself, but even though the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is pretty much better than the Mahindra Thar SUV in every metric, but the $13k SUV still made it up the hill. It may not be as comfortable, powerful, or tough, but it still made it, and it’s a third of the cost. That is hard to beat. Mahindra may have lost the battle with the Wrangler, but it is still in the war.