Magically Expanding Travel Trailer Triples in Size in 60 Seconds

Interest in RVs is soaring across the country. It’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing at least one camper, tent trailer, toy hauler, 5th-wheel, or motorhome. It isn’t just in the U.S., either. Ever since the pandemic began, flight restrictions and the need for social distancing have seen RV ownership exploding worldwide.

However, unlike previous years, RVing isn’t necessarily limited to just a two-week vacation. Remote learning and working from home mean the whole family can spend months on the road if they want. In that case, a spacious and comfortable family-friendly RV is the key to an enjoyable experience, such as today’s magical travel trailer entry.

Expanding the possibilities of RVs

A station wagon towing an RV camper in a forest campground
A station wagon towing an RV camper | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Slideouts have dramatically increased the roominess of modern RVs. Multiple slideouts can easily make an otherwise cramped RV feel like a spacious home. However, one new RV has taken the idea of expanded living space to a whole different level. 

Like an old-fashioned spyglass that expands from a few inches to a foot or more in length, this travel trailer triples in size in less than a minute. Now, that’s a serious amount of extra room! 

According to the Robb Report, this lightweight, polyester-shelled camper is easily towed by even a mid-size crossover. It weighs just 2,095 pounds when it’s ready to hit the road. Once parked, the patented technology allows the camper’s modules to expand horizontally like a telescope being pulled open. 

Meet the new BeauEr 3X camper

This fantastic 20′ tubular camper from French company BeauEr expands from 43 square feet to 129 square feet of living space with the touch of a button. It comfortably sleeps four adults and features a kitchen, dining/lounge space, bathroom, and separate sleeping space. LED lighting illuminates the sleek, modern interior and minimalist design.

It’s easy to fix meals in this RV kitchen with its integrated fridge, double burner gas cooktop, and sink with a water reservoir. There’s plenty of easy-to-access storage space for dishes and utensils and even a dedicated space for you to add a microwave. The LED lighting over the worktop operates independently from the rest of the coach.

The private bedroom features a double bed along with plenty of storage, including a wardrobe. The dining area converts into another bed that will sleep two more adults. All of the furniture nests together neatly when the camper closes down and falls back into place automatically as the trailer expands. 

Options available with the BeauEr 3X trailer

As if the basic model BeauEr 3X wasn’t comfortable enough, there are a range of options available that will make an extended stay in it even more pleasant. The company also allows buyers to choose all of the colors, including everything from the exterior stripe to the flooring, cupboards, and cushions. You can even add a matching awning that lets you enjoy an outdoor living space where you can relax out of the sun.

How about a climate control system complete with an A/C unit for those scorching, humid days? A shower will feel excellent after one of those days, too, and you can add one to the bathroom. Cold days are no problem, either, with the insulated build and an optional heating system.

For even more room (including two private bedrooms), you may want to opt for the 3XPlus. According to Odditymall, this larger version expands from 118 square feet to an impressive 300 square feet. It accommodates six comfortably and feels like a small apartment inside.

The price of this unique expandable travel trailer starts at €29,900 for the base unit (or approximately $35,600 at the current exchange rates). Whether you prefer the basic model BeauEr 3X  or the 3XPlus model outfitted with all of the optional bells and whistles, you’ll have to wait to purchase your favorite. BeauEr hasn’t announced a U.S. release date yet. 

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