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Chevy has released most of the specs on the new 2024 Blazer EV SUV and they look a lot like those of the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Both of the EV crossover SUVs have starting MSRPs of about $44,000, both have a base range of 247 miles, and can be optioned in trims from luxury to superfast. The Chevy can be ordered in SS trim, while the Mach-E can be ordered for 2023 in GT trim, and both manufacturers claim sub-4 second 0-to-60 mph times. Does a Mach-E vs. Blazer EV decision come down to blue oval vs bowtie?

What’s similar in a Mach-E vs Blazer EV comparison?

2024 Chevy Blazer SS
2024 Chevy Blazer SS | Chevy

The 2024 Chevy Blazer details were released this week and it looks like Chevy benchmarked the Mach-E SUV pretty closely. And why not? The Mach E is a sales leader for Ford. The two are both five-seat crossover SUVs that have a lot in common. They offer fast charging, either Super Cruise or Ford Co-Pilot 360 driver aids, wireless charging, heated seats, and more.

The Chevy has optional 21-inch wheels, a heated flat-bottom steering wheel, a power hands-free liftgate, and a 17.7-inch touchscreen. The Ford has a power liftgate, too, as well as a 15.5-inch touchscreen. Though Chevy hasn’t released cargo specs, the gas version of the Blazer holds 64.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats, while the Mach-E holds 59.7 below its sloping rear hatch.

What trims do the Mach-E and Blazer EV come in?

The Ford Mustang Mach-E like this one is one of the top sellers for 2022 so far.
2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E | Ford

The 2022 Mustang Mach-E can be ordered in five different flavors. The Select is the base SUV, and it can be ordered in rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. From there, the Premium, California Route 1, GT and GT Performance Editions round out the Mach-E lines. Each version gets a price increase, but also a features, range, and speed increase.

The new 2024 Blazer EV will come in four trim levels, the base 1LT to the SS, closely mirroring the Mach-E. To get all-wheel drive, you have to step up to the 2LT version of the Chevy and to get the long-range battery back, you’ll have to order an RS, which has a lower stance. The SS is the performance version.

How much is a Ford Mustang Mach-E?

2022 Mustang Mach-E interior is dominated by two giant screens.
2022 Mustang Mach-E Ice White interior| Ford

If you’re looking for a Mach-E vs. Blazer EV comparison, the pricing is similar: the base 2022 Mach-E starts at $43,895. You can order it in an all-white Premium Ice White Appearance Package. The GT Package has an MSRP of $61,995, while the Premium starts at $48,775. The California Route 1 package starts at $52,450. The one we want is the Mach-E GT Performance Edition, which the company says can reach 60-mph in 3.5 seconds, compared to the base model’s 5.8-second time.  Ford has limited production of the 2022 Mach-E and they are no longer available to order.

How much is a 2024 Chevy Blazer EV?

The interior of the 2024 Blazer has an aircraft feel to it.
2023 Blazer Interior | Chevrolet

New 2024 Chevy Blazer EV SUV Data Released: The EV Price Starts at $44,995

The new Blazer EV will come in 4 trim levels. The base 1LT will 247 miles of range and has an MSRP of $44,995. The 2LT trim will add more range, up to 293 miles, all-wheel drive, and Super Cruise for $47,495. Look for the RS trim to start at $51,550, and you get up to 320 miles of range, eAWD, and more in this lowered-stance version.

Then, there’s the SS. Chevy has only used the SS badge on its super sports cars for a reason. Though the specs aren’t fully released, it will cost $65,995 with 557 horsepower, and come with 22-inch wheels, Brembo brakes, and a 290-mile range. It also has Super Cruise available.