Luxury SUVs With the Worst Third Rows, According to Consumer Reports

Buyers expect luxury SUVs to have it all: luxe interiors, the latest technology, and comfortable seats. These are some luxury SUVs with the worst third rows that don’t check all of the boxes. With that said, some of these sport utility vehicles are still reliable and safe, just not the right choice for all buyers.

The Land Rover Discovery is a luxury SUV with the worst third rows

Luxury SUVs with the worst third rows
The Land Rover Discovery three-row SUV | Range Rover

You might think the Land Rover Discovery is big enough to meet the needs of most buyers. Think again. The Discovery made Consumer Reports’ list for luxury SUVs with the worst third rows. The 2022 Land Rover Discovery received kudos for having the third row, but it wasn’t much of a third row. The second row of seats was too low for most adults to be comfortable, and the third row was awkward to access. Once seated, it didn’t offer much more.

The Lexus GX is another luxury SUV with the worst third rows

The Lexus GX is an unfortunate addition to the luxury SUVs with the worst third rows list. The Lexus GX 460 is a large sport utility vehicle that has a lot to offer buyers unless, of course, the third row is needed all the time. The GX is reliable, and owners report being satisfied with the luxury SUV overall, but the backseat doesn’t cut it.

The Lincoln Aviator has a luxurious interior but lacks comfortable seats

Some might find the Lincoln Aviator too small overall, but it is a luxury three-row SUV. Unfortunately, the predicted reliability on this one was pretty below average. The owner satisfaction was pretty average, but the interior fit and finish were noted as a high note. The Aviator SUV also comes equipped with plenty of cargo room, even if it sacrifices the comfort of the third row. The Lincoln SUV will do if buyers only need the third row occasionally.

From Volvo, the XC90 is safe but doesn’t have a good third row

The Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV with the worst third rows, even if it does have a nice interior. The XC90 has excellent visibility, comfortable seats, and powerful headlights. Unfortunately, the two seats in the back row aren’t fit for very much use. Children might be OK in the back, but installing a car seat will be awkward. One major high for families is that the Volvo XC90 luxury SUV has clever built-in booster seats as an option from the factory.

The Audi Q7 is another luxury SUV with the worst third rows


Consumer Reports: Popular Used Luxury Cars to Avoid

Consumer Reports put the Audi Q7 in the middle for similar midsize luxury SUVs. Unfortunately, the back seat in the Q7 doesn’t cut the mustard for any standard-sized humans. The good news is that even though the third row is tight for adults, the first and second rows are comfortable enough. So as long as your family doesn’t need to go to the back row frequently, the Audi Q7 is one of the best luxury SUVs for 2022.

One of the best things buyers can do before buying a new car, truck, or SUV is to take the whole family in for a test drive. Put everyone in the third row that might need to use it frequently to see how comfortable it is. If your potential occupants object, it might be a good idea to skip that luxury SUV for something with a more comfortable third row.