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These days, most buyers want a reliable SUV that won’t break down or cost a lot to fix every month. Kelley Blue Book says some reliable luxury SUVs cost the least to own over five years, most of which are from Lexus.

The Lexus RX is a luxury SUV that costs the least to own over five years

Luxury SUVs that cost the least to own over five years
The Lexus RX SUV in silver | Lexus

Kelley Blue Book says that the 2022 Lexus RX is a two-row midsize luxury SUV. The five-year cost to own comes in at $62,099, which is $12,156 less than the average segment pays. These costs include insurance, maintenance, fuel, and depreciation.

For a Lexus SUV, that price is relatively reasonable given how much others are paying in the same segment. KBB says the Lexus RX has “superb build quality,” high resale value, and solid reliability history.

Five-year cost to own: $62,099

Don’t overlook the Lexus UX luxury SUV

For the 2022 Lexus UX, this subcompact luxury SUV has a lot to offer buyers. It is the least expensive Lexus in the lineup but still has the quality you expect from the brand. The UX has good fuel economy and is relatively maneuverable. The five-year cost to own is $46,424, $3,224 less than usual.

Five-year cost to own: $46,424

For more room, check out the Lexus NX sport utility vehicle

If that option is too small, the 2022 Lexus NX is a compact sport utility vehicle with a little more room. It is also one of the luxury SUVs that cost the least to own over five years. The NX’s five-year cost to own comes out to $51,227. In that same compact luxury SUV segment, that’s $6,219 cheaper. This vehicle was redesigned this year and has plenty of new safety and convenience technology.

Five-year cost to own: $51,227

The Acura MDX is another option for a luxury SUV

The 2022 Acura MDX breaks into this Lexus-dominated list for a three-row midsize luxury SUV. The Acura luxury SUV has a five-year cost to own of $60,530. Compared to the other vehicles in the same segment, that’s $7,193 cheaper. The MDX has a brand-new chassis for this year and an upgraded interior. Acura offers plenty of driver safety features standard, too.

Five-year cost to own: $60,530

For those who need more room, the Lexus LX might work

The 2022 Lexus LX qualifies as a full-size luxury SUV. Over five years, Kelley Blue Book estimates it will cost $88,956 to own the LX. The good news is that this is $12,698 less than vehicles in the same segment might cost. This Lexus SUV was recently redesigned, has convenient folding seats, and the newest Lexus Safety System features.

Five-year cost to own: $88,956

Lexus seems to be the brand to look for when it comes to luxury SUVs that cost the least to own over five years. Of course, the Acura MDX also fits the bill here. Finding a reliable sport utility vehicle can seem daunting at first, but apparently, buying a Lexus will make the future easier.


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