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Can you think of a car brand that doesn’t currently offer an SUV? No, the answer isn’t Rolls-Royce, it’s not Bentley, and the Lamborghini Urus has made headlines for a few years. The answer is Ferrari. Isn’t it about time Ferrari got into the SUV game? They certainly think so, and the new Ferrari Purosangue is coming. This new luxury SUV will have a V12 as one of the engine options, making it interesting and special in the exotic luxury SUV market.

Does the Ferrari Purosangue lose the qualities that make us love this brand?

2023 Ferrari Purosangue
2023 Ferrari Purosangue | Ferrari

Gear Patrol reports that the brand CEO promises to ensure this new luxury SUV will be “100 percent Ferrari.” This makes us hope this new vehicle will offer a low-slung build with the looks and the performance we expect.

After seeing what other high-end luxury automakers offer, Ferrari should have a pretty good idea of what works and how to create an SUV that doesn’t move away from the brand personality too much.

What does the name of this new luxury SUV mean?

The name “Purosangue” means “pure blood” in Italian. As far as we can tell, this isn’t a strange ploy by the automaker to get into the next round of J. K. Rowling books. Instead, this name hints at the idea that the new SUV will deserve the Ferrari badge and belongs amongst the high-end performance cars that make up the rest of the lineup.

Ferrari used Instagram to showcase the V12 for their luxury SUV

 To ensure our confidence that the new Ferrari Purosangue would be a Ferrari at heart, the brand posted its V12 engine on Instagram. Additionally, the comment for this post tells us this luxury SUV is “born without compromises, unmistakably Ferrari at heart.”

Will the V12 be the only engine for the Ferrari Purosangue luxury SUV?

Potential Engine for Ferrari Purosangue
Potential Engine for Ferrari Purosangue | Ferrari

No, we know the V12 has a short number of days, and so does Ferrari. This new SUV should come with both a V8 and a V12, much like the current GTC4Lusso sports car. The SUV may also show up with a hybrid option to offer something that makes the emissions regulators happy while adding more usable power for new Purosangue owners.

Could we see an EV version in the future?

Yes, in fact, Ferrari already has plans to electrify this SUV and some of the sports cars in the lineup for future model years. Don’t expect this high-end brand to deliver electric vehicles before some of the other brands in this class. They likely will make a fashionably late entrance with EVs just like what we see with this new luxury SUV.

Expect the Purosangue to be more powerful than the Urus

Silver Ferrari Purosangue leaked image
Silver Ferrari Purosangue | Ferrari

Ferrari and Lamborghini have battled for Italian sportscar dominance for decades. It’s a serious game of “keeping up with the Joneses,” and since Ferrari is late to the game, they get the “Ace up the proverbial sleeve.” We expect the Purosangue to have at least one version that is much more powerful than the Urus.

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