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The 2022 Lexus GX 460 is a one-of-a-kind SUV. It’s one of the only luxury off-road SUVs that can actually handle hitting the trails. It’s priced competitively for a luxury midsize SUV, at just $56,000. Plus, it’s versatile enough to suit many needs, meaning you’d almost have to convince yourself not to buy the new Lexus GX. Even Consumer Reports loves it, making it one of its recommended luxury SUVs. Let’s take a look at what’s so great about the 2022 Lexus GX 460 and why you should definitely put it on your list of SUVs to seriously consider.

A beige 2022 Lexus GX 460 outside of a house.
2022 Lexus GX | Lexus

The 2022 Lexus GX 460 is ranked #3 out of luxury midsize SUVs

Consumer Reports ranks the 2022 Lexus GX 460 third out of 29 luxury midsize SUVs. That’s a high placing for such a large class, and it’s well-deserved. The Lexus GX has an overall score of 81/100 with a road test score of 70/100 and a predicted reliability of 5/5. While its ride gets a medicore score of 3/5, its comfort ratings are excellent, with the front seat getting a perfect 5/5 and the back seat getting a 4/5.

Performance in the 2022 Lexus GX 460 is also very good, with the acceleration getting a 4/5 and the transmission getting a perfect score. It’s worth noting, however, that emergency handling in the GX leaves something to be desired. With just a 2/5, the Lexus GX’s max avoidance speed is a not-impressive 48 mph.

The 2022 GX 460 is expected to be very reliable

The 2022 Lexus GX 460 has a predicted reliability rating of 5/5. To come up with this prediction, Consumer Reports used data from the 2019, 2020, and 2021 models. Each of those model years has a perfect reliability rating, which speaks volumes about how well the Lexus GX tends to hold up. In fact, Consumer Reports picked the 2022 Lexus GX 460 to be the most reliable vehicle of the year. This alone makes the GX a great buy.

Still, the owner satisfaction prediction isn’t as good, at just a 3/5. Consumer Reports determines this by reviewing survey data and determining how happy current owners of the GX are with their SUVs. While comfort has an excellent rating of 96, the driving experience gets just a 79 and styling is only a 73. Even worse, value is only 58. Just 67% of GX owners would buy their SUV again.

How much does the Lexus GX cost?

The base model 2022 Lexus GX 460 price is $56,500. This is also the most popular trim level, and in today’s automotive climate, you might want to start your search for a new 2022 Lexus GX sooner rather than later. The Lexus GX 460 engine is a 4.6-liter 8 cylinder with 4WD matched to a six-speed automatic transmission. It can make 301 hp and 329 lb-ft of torque.

As far as fuel economy in the 2022 Lexus GX 460, it gets a combined 16 mpg. That number is comprised of 15 miles in the city and 19 miles on the highway. It’s not the greatest gas mileage in an SUV, but that does happen with more powerful engines, so perhaps it isn’t a surprise. A benefit of the engine is that the 2022 Lexus GX 460 can tow up to 6,500 pounds.

It’s no surprise that Consumer Reports loves the 2022 Lexus GX 460. While not everything about it is perfect, it’s certainly worth its price tag. If the GX proves to be as reliable as expected, it should cost very little in unexpected repairs down the road. Plus, it’s comfortable and stylish. The GX’s emergency handling is certainly something to consider, but all in all, the Lexus GX is a great SUV.


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