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It’s not hard to find stories of celebrities flaunting their wealth in the form of supercars and other exotic vehicles. However, it’s a rare occasion you see a wealthy person rolling around in a humble 1990s vehicle. That’s especially true for those in the entertainment industry. However, in the case of iconic rapper and actor Ludacris, you’ll find that quite the opposite is true!

Ludacris has been driving his Acura Legend since 1999

Rapper Ludacris with his 1993 Acura Legend at Acura facility in LA after restoration
Ludacris with his Acura Legend | Acura

According to The Drive, Ludacris bought his 1993 Acura Legend in 1999. Not long after, his career as a rapper began to accelerate rapidly. With hits like “Rollout” and “Get Back,” he quickly became one of the most recognizable rappers of the early 2000s. Then, to top it all off, his acting career followed suit after his breakout role in The Fast and The Furious and subsequent sequels.

Needless to say, Ludacris’ success and fame have brought alongside it the wealth to purchase just about any car one could imagine. However, through all this time, his 1993 Acura Legend remains in his possession. More than that, too, it’s a big part of his life and regularly appears in his social media posts.

In 2015, the Acura Legend was unfortunately involved in an accident that severely damaged the passenger side. However, Acura took it upon themselves to repair the car for the rapper. Some upgrades have since been made that are apparent in his social media posts. It now sits on 18-inch Rays wheels and features a set of Wilwood brakes. In addition, Acura also installed suspension that gives the legend a two-inch drop in ride height and a pioneer sound system.

After the ground-up restoration, Acura displayed the car at SEMA back in 2015 for the world to see. That’s a pretty awesome turnaround for a car that most would have sent to the scrapper after being in an accident. But not Ludacris!

It’s awesome to see that money and fame don’t detract from sentimental items for some folks. Ludacris routinely posts pictures of the car on his social media accounts. Often, they include messages reminding people never to forget where they started, no matter how far they get.

Luda’s legend is a bit of a survivor in its own right

1993 Acura Legend that belongs to rapper Ludacris on display at SEMA show in 2015
Ludacris’ Legend at SEMA 2015 | Acura

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Though there aren’t many detailed photos from before the restoration, the car looks like it was in amazing shape when it went to Acura after its accident. Despite having over 255,000 miles on the odometer, it’s now likely one of the nicest examples of the 1993 Acura Legend remaining.

Of course, the Legend was, in its own right, a bit of an oddball upon its release. It never really left the massive impression on the world that other Acura vehicles like the NSX and Integra did. However, it had a plenty-spicy 200-horsepower 3.2-liter V6 and a plush leather interior. So, it was (and still is) a nice car!

Overall, it’s great to see that Ludacris hasn’t forgotten his roots and is true to his origins. Even more so, it’s exciting to see a “not-so-special” car get to keep living life thanks to someone loving it!