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Lucid has become one impressive new automaker on the market. The ambitious EV start-up took the world by storm when news broke of the Lucid Air. Since then, the ambitions of this company have only grown. The release of the Lucid Air has quickly put the company on the map along with the top dogs. With the boost in popularity, Lucid has decided to offer leases for new Lucid models.

Lucid Financial Services is ready to help

The Lucid Air has quickly become one of the top luxury electric vehicles on the market. Because of this, the demand for the new Lucid Air has dramatically increased. So much, so that Lucid decided to offer lower-level trims of this luxury sedan, the Pure and Touring models. To help meet that demand, Lucid launched Lucid Financial Services. This will help drivers get behind the wheel of one of these incredible luxury electric vehicles.

Lucid Financial Services results from a deeper partnership with Bank of America. Customers not only want more models but have been looking for more ways to get into a Lucid Air. Lucid choosing to offer financial services will ensure more drivers can experience the excellence that Lucid is building.

What will Lucid Financial Service offer?

a new lucid air grand touring parked in the desert, it could be easier to get one of these models with an auto loan or lease
A New Lucid Air Grand Touring | Lucid

With the introduction of Lucid Financial Services, drivers will now have the opportunity to choose an auto loan or lease. This option can make it easier for a shopper to get behind the wheel of a new Lucid Air while ensuring their budget stays in better shape.

If shoppers are interested in leasing a new Lucid Air, they can choose between 24-month, 36-month, or 48-month options. Drivers will be able to craft their ownership experience to their budget efficiently. Additionally, shoppers who would instead get an auto loan can, thanks to the expanded partnership with Bank of America. Lucid Financial Services will make the entire shopping experience a much better experience. 

Does this mean you need to go somewhere to shop?

two different lucid air models, you could get behind the wheel of one of these models with thanks to lucid financial services
Two Different New Lucid Air Models | Lucid

Usually, when a service like this is introduced, you need to visit a physical location to take advantage of the offers. But, Lucid is preparing to offer this service 100% online! This online service will make it possible for many more shoppers to get a new Lucid Air without visiting a physical location.

The entire process will be handled online. You can do all the work virtually, from applying for the financing to signing the contract. Lucid Financial Services aims to ensures shoppers will have a clear understanding of the terms and receive the best service. With this new purchasing option and online tool, Lucid can build stronger relationships with owners and future customers.

Shopping can be easier than ever


How Much Will A New Lucid Air Run You?

Lucid Financial Services is ready to make it easier for shoppers to get behind the wheel of a new Lucid Air. With the opportunity to get an auto loan or lease for a new Lucid Air right online, enjoy concierge services, and a unique overall experience, Lucid Financial Services will certainly make shopping more enjoyable.