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Genesis is a newcomer in the luxury car segment, but it’s already making a lot of waves as its cars are very high quality. In fact, despite how competitive the luxury car segments tend to be, many Genesis vehicles have won awards already and make such good cars that even the lowest-scoring 2023 Genesis models are still better than average.

Here’s how Genesis’s 2023 lineup stacks up

U.S. News recently published its reviews for six Genesis models currently available in the American car market. Overall, the South Korean automaker did very well, with two cars ranked first in their segments. The highest-rated Genesis model was the G90, with an overall score of 9.3 out of 10. This made it the best in the large luxury sedan segment.  

The GV70 followed it with its overall score of 8.7 out of 10. That score made it the best luxury compact SUV. The GV60 also had an overall score of 8.7 out of 10, which made it the second-best luxury electric SUV. Then there’s the G70, which competes in the luxury small sedan segment. It had an overall score of 8.5 out of 10, which made it the fifth-best option in the segment.

Finally, the lowest scoring cars in the Genesis lineup was a tie between the G80 and the GV80. Both had an overall score of 8.4 out of 10. Despite their similar-sounding names, they compete in different segments. However, both cars are still much better options than average.

The 2023 Genesis G80 and GV80 are still great SUVs despite their scores

A silver 2023 Genesis G80 parked indoors.
2023 Genesis G80 | Genesis

The G80 competes in the midsize luxury sedan segment, and its overall score puts it in third place on U.S. News’ rankings. However, other car critics have named it one of the best options in the segment. Like many other great luxury sedans, the G80 succeeds because the South Korean automaker gave it a luxurious interior and a fun driving experience. 

On top of that, Genesis added a new powertrain option for the 2023 model year. There are two gas-powered engine options, and it starts with a 300-hp four-cylinder that can be swapped out for a 375-hp V6. The new powertrain option turns the car into an EV. It gets 365 hp from its two electric motors, and its 87.2-kWh battery pack allows it to travel 282 miles on a single charge.

The GV80, meanwhile, competes in the midsize luxury SUV segment. Its overall score puts it in fourth place. However, the midsize luxury SUV segment is highly competitive, competing against 21 other SUVs. The Genesis SUV did well because it was solid in every area. Just like the G80, the GV80 has also won awards. Its only flaw is that its optional third-row seats aren’t spacious. 

This is great news for Genesis shoppers

Even the lowest-scoring Genesis cars are still great options is a good sign for the company’s future. It shows that the South Korean automaker can consistently make high-quality vehicles. It also shows that the automaker can produce high-quality cars in different segments. That’s great for the company’s future, as it gives car shoppers more options down the line. 

That being said, it’s not surprising that Genesis is capable of making great cars consistently. Even though it’s a relatively new brand, it’s owned by Hyundai. As such, the two brands share a lot of technology and know-how, and that’s helped the luxury automaker succeed.