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A 1993 Toyota pickup truck with incredibly low mileage on the odometer could prove to be a gold mine. Low-mileage older vehicles are pretty popular these days, and this one is no exception. Anyone with a 20-year-old or more vehicle in like-new condition can get a pretty penny for it online. This particular Toyota pickup truck will test the waters via the Mecum auctions this January. There’s no telling what the selling price could end up being.

Low mileage 1993 Toyota pickup truck

A Forest Green 1993 Toyota Pickup Truck parked near woods, it has such low mileage, it could be worth a high price.
1993 Toyota Pickup Truck | Mecum Auctions

Despite being produced and sold in 1993, this Toyota pickup truck only has 94 miles on its odometer. Not to mention, it looks as new as the day it drove out of the showroom. The original listing of the truck says a dealership initially sold it in Gorham, New Hampshire, in 1993. The original owner did not drive it for unknown reasons, and it was eventually located as a barn find in 2021.

The only new parts since its original sale are the battery, fuel tank, fuel pump, oil filters, and tires. These updated items, of course, are necessary to make the pickup truck driveable in 2021. Known as the Toyota Pickup in the U.S., this low-mileage mint condition piece is a fifth-generation Toyota Hilux elsewhere. It’s a single-cab with chrome-finished bumpers, Forest Green Metallic exterior paint, and a gray cloth interior.

Additionally, the Hilux uses a naturally-aspirated 22R-E 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine producing 113 horsepower and 142 lb-ft of torque. It came with four-wheel drive and was initially sold for under $20,000 as a new vehicle back in 1993.

How much is the 1993 Toyota Pickup with 94 miles worth?

A Forest Green 1993 Toyota Pickup Truck parked outside, it has only 94 miles and could be worth a high price.
1993 Toyota Pickup Truck | Mecum Auctions

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There are very few cases where any used car, especially one over twenty years old, can quickly be stamped with a specific value. Condition, mileage, demand, and more go into the price of every used vehicle. One like this is so rare that there is no limit on how expensive it could be. The cost of a one-of-a-kind truck like the 1993 Toyota Pickup is wholly based on what someone is willing to pay.

Luckily for us, someone just paid for it not too long ago, so we already know the answer. CarScoops reported that the exact same truck was auctioned off on eBay last September for $45,100. At the time of the sale, it had only 84 miles on the odometer, which means the current owner drove it a whole 10 miles. The current owner is now looking to get their money back, or possibly more.

Will the pickup truck sell for a higher price at Mecum auctions?

It’s very likely that the 1993 Toyota Pickup will sell for more than it did on eBay at the Mecum auctions. Not only are there more eyes on these vehicle auctions, but now the truck has gained attention. With media attention and car-enthusiasts watching, the pickup is undoubtedly going to rise in price. Given nothing has changed since the previous eBay listing, we’d guess it goes for over $45,000 minimum.

As stated previously, the only real deciding factor is how much someone is willing to pay. If there are two people who want this particular model with low mileage, it could start a bidding war. That would be the best-case scenario for the seller, and who knows where it’ll end.

The incredibly low mileage 1993 Toyota Pickup truck could end up being a gold mine for the current owner. If it fetches a higher price than it did last year at auction, it’ll cost as much as most brand new high-end vehicles. You never know because when a like-new 28-year-old truck goes up for sale, anything can happen.