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The Lotus Eletre is the first SUV ever produced by the British automaker. The Lotus SUV has the potential to pose a big threat to rival luxury sports SUVs. Will the Lotus SUV outshine the Lamborghini Urus?

The Lotus SUV already stands out from the crowd

A yellow Lotus Eletre EV electric SUV.
The Lotus Eletre EV | Lotus Cars

How do you compete with a super-SUV like the Lamborghini Urus? You build “the world’s first electric Hyper-SUV”. Lotus is putting its money where its marketing is because the Lotus Eletre is already as cool as advertised. The SUV stands out even among the most expensive and lavish SUV models.

The Eletre EV is a fully electric SUV model. The Urus, Aston Martin DBX 707, and other “super-SUVs” tend to run on gasoline and use thirsty V8 engines. Lotus has shocked the world by making its first SUV model an EV. The Lotus SUV proves that an electric powertrain system can produce even more horsepower than some of the mightiest V8 engines ever created. The Eletre EV gets plenty of cool points for its innovative battery and motor system, but how does it compare to the most powerful SUVs on the market like the Urus?

The Lotus SUV is insanely powerful

According to Car and Driver, the Lotus SUV will be available with a tri-motor setup. This setup will produce a massive 900 horsepower, making the Urus’ V8 engine seem tame. This thing is scary fast.

The Lamborghini Urus makes 641 horsepower. The Lotus Eletre’s tri-motor system makes 259 more horses than the Urus (yikes). The Aston Martin DBX 707 was once considered the most powerful SUV model, but the Lotus SUV blows it out of the water. Who said electric vehicles are boring to drive?

The Lamborghini Urus has made a major cultural impact

Calling the Lamborghini Urus a gamechanger is hardly hyperbole. The Urus has clearly influenced other luxury sports automakers like Ferrari to create SUVs. The Urus was an anomaly when it first debuted. Today, it has become an iconic status symbol for the wealthy.

Professional athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and celebs like Kim Kardashian own Urus models. Lamborghini was one of the first brands of its stature to blend supercar performance with SUV practicality. The SUV became a hit and is now part of song lyrics and music videos.

Lamborghini showed the automotive industry that deviating from its winning formula and building something innovative and unique could be fruitful. Now other automakers are following suit and pushing the envelope even further. The Lotus Eletre EV is perhaps the most unique vehicle in its segment because of its capabilities.

The Lamborghini Urus will have fierce competition as models like the Ferrari Purosaangue, and Lotus Eletre EV hit the scene. The supercar era may be over. Is it time for a new type of vehicle to take the place of supercars as the vehicle of choice for the elite? We could see the “super-SUV” take over the world in the years to come.


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