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Lotus Cars Limited has been an innovative player in race cars and sports cars since its inception in 1948. Now Lotus is making moves toward becoming more accessible to people without deep pockets. Learn more about the Lotus brand, its monumental first retail store, and the British automaker’s plans for the future, including competing with Lamborghini. 

Lotus positions itself to give Lamborghini and other rivals a run for their money

A yellow, black, and silver Lotus logo on display at the 2018 Paris Motor Show
Lotus logo | Chesnot/Getty Images

Known for creating unique, powerful, and gorgeous cars with prices out of most people’s reach, Lotus has a well-established history of pushing boundaries. 

The automaker is in the middle of a pivot toward making more affordable and accessible cars to keep up with rivals doing the same, such as Porsche with the Cayman and BMW with the M2. But perhaps Lotus’ biggest competitor is Lamborghini, which recently announced that the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae would be its last V12 gas-only vehicle. According to CNN, this Lambo will start at around $500,000. 

Lotus also recently revealed that its final gas-only vehicle would be the Emira, a beautiful 400-hp sports car that starts at a relatively affordable $75,000. Both vehicles look stunning, but the significantly cheaper Emira will give the British carmaker an advantage by allowing more consumers the chance to buy one. The Emira’s starting price is pocket change compared to other models in the automaker’s stable, such as the electric 2022 Evija, starting at $2.3 million. 

The 1st Lotus showroom and retail store

The first Lotus showroom and retail store recently opened in the famously exclusive Moda Mall in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. According to Lotus, the showroom’s purpose is to have experienced staff on hand to support prospective customers as they weigh their options throughout their car-buying journeys. 

“We are delighted to be working with our dealer partner Adamas Motors at the all-new retail site in Bahrain,” Geoff Dowding, the executive director of sales and aftersales at Lotus, said. “It is the perfect location for the world debut of our new retail identity, and it looks brilliant.” 

Moda Mall is widely considered the most luxurious shopping center in all of Bahrain. The mall is located inside the Bahrain World Trade Center, comprising 50-story twin-tower skyscrapers. As of this writing, the main attractions at the first Lotus retail store are the Evora GT and Exige Final Edition. But when the Emira debuts, it will likely take center stage. 

Future plans for the automaker


The 2021 Lotus Evija Is More Powerful Than Any EV Needs to Be

Not content with the status quo, Lotus also recently announced its plans to transition to all-electric vehicles, Car and Driver reports. According to Automotive News Europe, Lotus had cemented its EV strategy in 2018, but the Emira was already in development at the time. 

The company decided to pivot to all-electric after the Emira, and many observers speculate it will be an all-electric SUV-style vehicle. This would certainly provide a better-rounded lineup and give consumers plenty of options when shopping for a Lotus car. Eventually, this mystery vehicle in development will use Evolution, a new platform the company is developing in-house. 

Lotus CEO Matt Windle told Automotive News Europe he expects this vehicle to drop within two years. The transition to a completely electric lineup seems to be gaining steam, and automakers that don’t adapt will get left behind. Fortunately, it seems as Lotus is well aware of the situation and has thorough plans to make the switch to a more sustainable future.