Lost VH1 Corvettes Being Raffled to Help Veterans

In 1989 VH1, the cable television music channel had the crazy idea to put together a national sweepstake for thirty-six Chevrolet Corvette models, one for each year of production. A Corvette was represented from 1953 to 1989 for the contest. So, people called in to order their $2 raffle tickets. Since then, the Corvette collection has exchanged hands a few times and is now available again in a raffle to benefit Veterans. 

Two white classic Chevrolet Corvette model in a warehouse
Forgotten Corvettes Collection | Corvette Heroes

The original Corvette sweepstakes winner

The winner of the VH1 original contest was Dennis Amadeo, a Long Island resident. From that point, the collection has changed hands a few times. Now the collection, known as The Lost Corvettes, is in the hands of Corvette Heroes. That company has spent time and money restoring the cars. Now, they want to give back.

A modern version of the sweepstakes

Corvette Heroes has decided to do a modern version of the original sweepstakes. There are 36 cars. This time, however, all the cars will not go to one winner. Instead, the company will raffle off the Corvettes at $3 per ticket. The proceeds will go to the National Guard Educational Foundation, and 36 winners will have keys handed to them. 

The sweepstakes began on July 1, 2019, and continues through September 8, 2020. Entrants must be 18 or older. It is open only to legal US residents of the fifty states and the District of Columbia, except for Oregon. 

According to USA Today,

“The newly restored Chevrolet cars include the first-ever Corvette from 1953 as well as the elusive 1967 convertible. To enter, people must make a $3 donation. They can get bonus entries for extra amounts.”

The collection includes the last Sting Ray (two words), a 1967 model, and the first Stingray (one word), a 1969 model. Cars equipped with big blocks are there, as well as coupes and convertibles. A little bit of everything in represented by the 36 car collection.


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Corvette winner among winners

There is no way to know which winners will get which Corvette from which year. The raffle only allows entrants to select the amount of their donation, not a particular car within the collection. Road and Track says, “…there is some adventure to the way the cars will be handed out; While someone is going to win a highly-treasured 1963 C2 Stingray, someone else is going to be forced to take on a 1977 C3 that can barely carry its own weight. Even among the winners, there will be winners.”

Entries into the contest can be made by starting here.  https://www.thelostcorvettes.com/

VH1 probably had no idea that the world would still be talking about their 1989 Corvette giveaway over thirty years later. Although the collection changed hands a few times, the collection has lived more lives than some cats. Now it is back as part of another sweepstake and will help a charity. Helping vets and winning a Vette sounds like a nice way for the collection to be put to good use.