Lordstown Motors Reveals “Endurance” EV Pickup Slated For Late-2020 Production

The startup EV builder Lordstown Motors has revealed more about its first all-electric truck. Called the Endurance, the company has given out some specs and a timeline for production. It is saying production will be later in 2020. Lordstown is the company that purchased 6.2 million square foot former GM manufacturing plant. It plans on building the Endurance in Lordstown, Ohio.

The Endurance will have a minimum EPA range of 200 miles. It will also feature unique to the industry in-hub motors. There will be one for each wheel, which should allow for torque vectoring to aid in handling and bad weather conditions. Torque vectoring allows variations in the amount of power applied to each motor.

Why in-wheel motors for the Lordstown EV pickup?

2020 Lordstown Endurance EV pickup truck | Lordstown
2020 Lordstown Endurance EV pickup truck | Lordstown

Other manufacturers have not found in-wheel motors attractive enough to adopt. So, this is a first in the burgeoning industry. Inside EVs speculates the reason for using in-wheel might be due to a supplier already being on-board to supply motors to Lordstown. 

Dual motor and even one motor per wheel is easier to engineer and doesn’t require special brakes like in-wheel motor applications. The other issue is the increased unsprung weight. The motors farter from the center of the truck adds weight to each corner of the suspension. Normally you want to keep the unsprung weight as low as possible.

We expected a larger battery pack to handle hauling or towing

The total output should be in the neighborhood of 600 hp from a 70-80 kWh battery pack. It is thought that trucks being used for cargo transport or towing will probably need 100 kWh. Maybe configuring the in-wheel motors requires less battery output to meet higher payload needs. 

Lordstown also is saying that over-the-air updates will be part of the Endurance package. Also, there will be an off-board power of 3.6 kW or 120V to provide external power at job sites or in commercial applications where a power source is needed.

The list price has been set at $52,500. With the current Federal tax credit of $7,500, the price becomes $45,000. We’ll have to wait and see if Lordstown can keep the price or will find a need to increase it by production. 

AC charging will take 10 hours to reach full capacity while DC charging can happen between a half-hour to one and one-half hour. 

Lordstown EV Pickup | Lordstown
Lordstown EV Pickup | Lordstown

Inside will have seating for five. Interior detail and color choices are not indicated for now. 

We are getting our first look at a more realistic depiction of the Endurance

Up until now, we have only had renderings of the exterior design. This more realistic computer image reveals a fairly conservative design with the exception of the front end. Vents are seen in place of where we would expect headlights. The headlights are located in the indent just below the hood. 

One of Lordstown’s goals with the Endurance is to have the fewest moving parts of any vehicle. So, besides the savings in the amount of fuel it factors in less maintenance will be required so there will be less costly to the owner. 

As production gets closer there will be more info revealed and Motor Biscuit will have that for you.