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To many, the most beautiful car ever made is the Lamborghini Miura. Marcello Gandini’s masterpiece continues to melt enthusiasts’ hearts for over 60-plus years since the first one debuted in 1966. It is so coveted that prices today reach over $3 million. With that said, what you’re looking at is not a Miura.

It’s actually a Pontiac Fiero. Yep, another one of those. But this one is quite different from those Ferrari Testarossa Fieros of 30 years ago. That’s because the builder, V8 Archie out of Texas,  spent long hours making this replica as close as possible for Miura fans. At least, what those fans can see.

Is this one of those bad Fiero Ferrari kit cars?

Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura replica | V8 Archie

Almost every one of those various Fiero Ferrari conversions uses the whole thing, minus the body panels. That means the uppers are Fiero, which means the side glass and windshields are too. And the wheelbase is the same, which kills the overall proportions. 

This one does none of those missteps. The wheelbase has been increased by five inches to match the original’s dimensions. And the body is as close as possible to the Miura. That means the upper is exactly like it. 

Does this Lamborghini Miura replica have a Fiero interior?

Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura replica | V8 Archie

And the same goes for the interior. Compare it to the original and you’ll see it almost perfectly matches the Lambo’s cabin. From the console to the overhead control panel are almost identical. So too are the arrangement of the gauges and switches, as well as the door panels. Even the headliner material matches the original look.

All of the fiberglass panels like the hood and trunk lid are reinforced with steel to maintain their shapes. That’s because the original kit panels, which came from the UK, were terrible. So the body needed reinforcement to hold its shape. The pop-up headlights work in an identical fashion too. All of the details of the rear engine cover match, except for what’s underneath.

Does this Lamborghini Miura replica have a Fiero engine?

Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura replica | V8 Archie

If you were expecting the Fiero’s four-banger or V6, they’re not there. Instead, a Chevy LS3 rested in that spot. Granted, it’s not even close to the beauty and soul of the original’s V12, but the LS has got it beat as far as horsepower goes. 

The largest original V12 pumped out 430 hp. Earlier versions had 345 hp. The LS puts out 500 hp, adding an extra kick to the whole program. 

For virtually all fans of the Miura, it is unobtainable. And while we’re not crazy about kit cars, when they are at this level, you have to admire and appreciate what it is. Especially when you consider the price to play.

How much?

There are various kits available, along with many specialty builders like Steve Moal in Oakland, California, that will bang one out made from aluminum or steel. None of them are cheap, with the average kit starting at over $50,000. For something from Moal, if you can’t afford a blank check you shouldn’t even consider it. 

Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura replica | V8 Archie

And for those thinking $50,000 isn’t too bad, keep in mind that labor and materials, even if you do much of the work, can easily run over $100,000. Just paint materials alone before you start will be a few thousand dollars. Building cars today from the ground up is not cheap.

But depending on how much you want a Miura sitting in your garage, a kit like this is, at the very least, an entertaining project to consider.

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