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There is no shortage of exciting EV start-ups promising the next big thing. There is a lot of anticipation for these new car start-ups, but so many of them have yet to begin production. Of all the hopefuls, Canoo is easily one of the most anticipated. Canoo is playful, exciting, adventurous, and practical. While we have heard about this odd little electric adventure machine, now we can finally see what it’s like to pilot one. Here’s a look at the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle. 

Front view of the Canoo Lifestyle van
Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle | Canoo

What is the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle? 

Canoo is starting production on its Lifestyle Vehicle. This odd little machine is a modular van that changes between a people carrier and a cargo van. In its most powerful form, the Lifestyle Vehicle will make 300 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. The Canoo will have a range of 250 miles on a full charge. Canoo will also make an electric truck later down the road, but it’s the delivery van that saved Canoo from bankruptcy. 

The delivery van version caught the attention of a handful of large corporations who wanted the Canoo Lifestyle vans as their fleet vehicles. According to Inside EVs, fleet customers like Kingbee, Zeeba, and Walmart ordered almost 17,000 Canoo LDVs, with the option for an additional 16,200 units. 

When will Canoo production begin? 

In November 2022, Canoo spokespeople said that production of the LDV would begin in the second half of 2023. While we may still have to wait a little while to see Canoo on the road, this first production vehicle is exactly what Canoo fans hoped to see. It’s fresh, original, fun, and clever. This isn’t the first video we’ve seen of a Canoo, but it is the first one from inside of one while it’s driving. 

Are Canoos actually being made?

Yes, they are. Consider this the rubber meeting the road. The video shows Canoo’s Global Vice President-Customer Journey, Gary Gumushian, behind the wheel. His co-pilot is Andre Smirnov. While the first question of whether or not Canoo’s “steer by wire” system is legal is a bit of inside baseball, the GVP says that “it’s all done.” This is great news for any Canoo fans. 

As Inside EVs points out, one of the most impressive things about the Canoo is the incredible visibility the driver and passengers have in the van. This visibility is due, in part, to the van’s secondary windshield underneath the main one. You may also notice that the dash, steering column, and gauges are all quite minimal. This is not only a good aesthetic design but also due to the EV not needing the same room for a steering column as a traditional car. 

What are some Canoo features?

The 2023 Canoo Lifestyle Van is one of the coolest EVs qquickly approaching production. This one is parked inthe desert while people work on setting up camp.
Canoo Lifestyle Van | Canoo

The video shows off a few cool features of the electric van. For one, there is an odd touch screen to the right of the driver. This makes the van feel less van-like and more like a spaceship. This is very cool. Secondly, the van also shows off its tight turning radius in the video. This is particularly useful in more adventurous camping situations.

 The second half of the video shows off the delivery van version. This van will be used for work purposes but will also undoubtedly be upfitted as a camper before we know it. The open platform is perfect for an affordable, efficient camper. 

The Canoo is super exciting and, if production goes well, could be a major step forward in the electrification of America roads.