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Dodge has a stable of impressive vehicles from both the past and today. However, the Dodge Journey is perhaps one of the automaker’s biggest failures. It lasted several years on the market, but it never became a beloved Dodge SUV in the same way as the Durango did. In most ways that matter, it’s Dodge’s most hated SUV despite having a few fans. In addition, there are a few common Dodge Journey problems that make it even worse.

Weak performance 

red 2020 Dodge Journey
2020 Dodge Journey | Stellantis

One issue that often comes up in Dodge Journey reviews is the SUV’s weak performance. The Dodge SUV started in 2009 with a standard 3.5-liter V6 engine, according to Car and Driver. It has options for both AWD and FWD and has a maximum output of 235 horsepower. Regarding speed, the acceleration time ranges from 7.5 to 10.4 seconds, which is relatively slow for a mid-size SUV. 

Things got worse for the vehicle by the time the 2020 Dodge Journey came around. By the end of its run, the vehicle was powered by a 2.4-liter I-4 with a maximum output of 173 horsepower. Unfortunately, the V6 was no longer an option for the Dodge Journey 2020. The bright side to the less powerful engine is that fuel economy improved to 19 miles in the city and 25 on the highway. Still, the final Dodge Journey was far less efficient than options such as the Honda CR-V 2019. 

What also harms the Dodge Journey 2020 is its transmission. This mid-size SUV has a largely unresponsive four-speed automatic. Many owners complain about the way the transmission downshifts as it impacts the ride experience. In addition, this Dodge SUV has pretty poor handling, even for an SUV of its size. 

Common Dodge Journey problems

A blue 2020 Dodge Journey
2020 Dodge Journey | Stellantis

Though this Dodge SUV is a decently reliable option, it has some common problems ranging from annoying to full-on headaches. Starting from the first model and ending with the Dodge Journey 2016, there are reports of the engine overheating. This stems from debris blocking the cylinder head and causing the coolant to overflow. Multiple model years of the Dodge Journey also have a loud whining noise from the power steering pump. 

Another main issue with the Dodge Journey different model years is that components become worn down prematurely. One significant example is that the brakes tend to need replacing fairly soon, which can be costly after a while. In addition, several wiring issues are associated with the Dodge SUV. 

The interior and exterior of the Dodge Journey are uninspired 

2020 Dodge Journey interior
2020 Dodge Journey | Stellantis

The Dodge Journey had a reasonably low price tag, so, understandably, it may not be as fancy as the Honda CR-V 2019. However, many Dodge Journey reviews reveal that the SUV was cheaply made on the inside. It uses cheap plastics for the cabin, which don’t hold up well, making this a bad choice for a used SUV. In addition, the Dodge Journey 2020 has the least amount of storage space of an SUV from its class. 

The Dodge Journey exterior is also a reason for its less-than-stellar status. Sure, the Dodge SUV looks fairly stylish, but it’s uninspired. This is a valid claim because the mid-size SUV looks a great deal like the larger Dodge Durango. Though not necessarily bad, it’s one more reason the Journey feels unnecessary. 

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