Look: Camping Trailers Are Styled Like Tesla Cybertruck

The styling of the Tesla Cybertruck is a thing-what kind of thing that is hard to say. But enough are enamored with the look that it is spreading like a rash. Polydrops has a new camping trailer styled like a Cybertruck. But it actually existed years before the Cybertruck. So what’s going on here? Did Tesla get inspiration for its all-electric Cybertruck from the Polydrops camping trailer?

The Polydrops P17A only weighs 1,200 lbs.

Polydrops teardrop camping trailer outdoors
Polydrops teardrop camping trailer | Polydrops

Polydrops’ P17A camping trailer is like a Cybertrucked teardrop trailer with its facets and a pointy top. But beyond that, it can be towed by almost anything because it only weighs 1,200 lbs. But the best context for towing would be if done with a Cybertruck. Without that context, it just a pointy, faceted camping trailer. A high-styled one for sure.  

At 13.6-feet long it provides ample room inside for most camping excursions. The large liftgate in the rear aids in entry and exit or just to make it easier to load up. There are a battery pack and solar panels on the roof to aid in off-grid experiences without giving up function. 

Tesla Cybertruck | Getty
Tesla Cybertruck | Getty

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A 2.4 kWh battery pack is standard, while you can up things to 4.8 kWh and also 12 kWh batteries. Two solar panels are also offered with 260w or 520w capabilities. One of the features you can’t see but will appreciate is the insulation. It is rated at R14 which is very good for a camper. 

The battery pack can keep you off the grid for up to six days

Polydrops teardrop camping trailer interior
Polydrops teardrop camping trailer | Polydrops

Polydrops says that the battery pack can keep you off the grid for up to six days, depending on how frugal you are with electrification. The six-day guesstimate is based on three hours a day use of the HVAC system, four hours for lighting, 10 hours for the fridge, and seven for the Bluetooth speaker.

Keep in mind that the 10 hours for the refrigerator means continuous running times. Obviously, refrigerators don’t usually need to run continuously for 10 hours a day. So while the time seems too short for six days of use, in reality, it should keep your beer cold far beyond six days depending on how often you need a beer and the temperature inside and outside of the trailer.

An integrated HVAC system keeps things toasty or cool depending on what you need. You can also get a kitchenette with a minifridge, a sink, and induction burner. A 1.6-gallon water tank feeds the sink. A full-size bed accommodates two. 

This bleeding-edge style and hip off-grid leisure time comes with a price

Polydrops teardrop camping trailer | Polydrops
Polydrops teardrop camping trailer | Polydrops

Now all of this bleeding-edge style and hip off-grid leisure time comes with a price. In the case of the P17 A, that price will make you cringe. The base model is $24,990. For the better solar panels and larger battery, the price shoots up to $33,790. Beyond that, the kitchenette will run an additional $1,850 and the Bluetooth speaker system an extra $500. 

In other words, this sucker is expensive. For the hard-core traveler needing a trailer one can find larger ones that sleep four and contain both a kitchen and bathroom. So we may not be seeing too many of these trailers floating around the continent. But if you plan on getting a Tesla Cybertruck and have a few extra bucks to spend this will undoubtedly be the coolest accessory for any Cybertruck owner.