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Rising prices on new cars has made the current car market a challenge. That, plus the rising cost of fuel mean that both reliability and efficiency are important factors when used car shopping. Fortunately, there is one hybrid model that ranks as one of the longest lasting used cars. Even better, it isn’t an SUV or a truck. It is the trusty Toyota Prius, and it’s good for over 250,000 miles.

The 2020 Toyota Prius is the longest-lasting car that isn't an SUV or truck
Toyota Prius | Toyota

Two percent of Prius models exceed 200,000 miles

In a study by ISeeCars, the Toyota Prius stands alone as the only car capable of exceeding 250,000 miles. This makes it the longest-lasting car by a longshot. The closest model that isn’t an SUV or truck is the Toyota Avalon with a potential lifespan of just over 245,000 miles. In fact, just three cars make the top 20 longest-lasting cars in terms of mileage. Significantly, all three come from Toyota.

Owners of the longest-lasting car keep it for nearly eight years

The Toyota Prius isn’t just the longest-lasting car based on mileage, either. Owners of the Prius tend to keep their cars for 7.9 years, on average. The next-closest car for longevity is the Toyota Camry Hybrid at 7.7 years. Behind that, owners of the defunct Ford Fusion Hybrid will hang on to those for an average of 6.4 years. So not only are used Toyota Prius models reliable, but they tend to have fewer owners than other hybrid competition.

Best years of the Toyota Prius

When shopping for a used Toyota Prius, there are two key years to look for. While it is the longest-lasting car, you can find added features with newer Prius models. Both the 2017 and 2019 Toyota Prius models are excellent choices, albeit for different reasons.

The 2017 Toyota Prius was the first to include a host of advanced driver assistance features. All Prius models starting in 2017 came with forward collision warning and pedestrian deection as standard. These models also featured lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control as standard kit. That’s not to say a 2016 Prius can’t have these added safety features. Toyota Safety Sense was an option in previous years, but became standard for 2017 models.

For those who deal with snowy or sandy roads, 2019 may be the Prius year to keep an eye on. This was the first year that Toyota Prius models were offered with all-wheel drive. The added capability does cost two to three mpg though. However it may be a worthwhile trade for some added security in nasty weather.

Get great efficiency and the longest-lasting car in one

With an average fuel economy exceeding 50 mpg, its easy to see why so many Prius owners keep their cars forever. Not just an environmentally friendly choice, the pleasant handling and impressive efficiency make the Prius a hard thing to let go of. It is a value that is unmatched by any other cars on the road today, and makes the Prius a great choice as a used car.

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