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Electric vehicles (EVs) are all over the news right now. The latest estimates show that about 2.3 million EVs are on the roads in the United States. That is why many people have legitimate questions about how different electric cars operate and what they should know about them. Some questions that come up time and time again have to do with charging times and the availability of charging locations, including at supermarket and grocery store chains like Albertsons.

How long does it take to charge an electric car at Albertsons?

The good news for those concerned about how long it takes to charge an electric car is that it can be done more rapidly at an Albertsons store than most other places. This is because, as Progressive Grocery reports, Albertsons has invested in faster charging options than you likely have at home. You see, a Level 3 charging station can charge an electric vehicle in approximately 20-60 minutes, and those are the charging stations that Albertsons has begun to set up at many of its locations. 

Why is charging at Albertsons faster than charging at home? 

An Albertsons supermarket store located in in Las Vegas, Nevada
An Albertsons supermarket in Las Vegas, Nevada | Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The main difference reported by Sustainable Magazine between the type of charging that one does at home compared to the charging that they do when at Albertsons is that drivers can’t install Level 3 charging stations for at-home use due to cost and legal reasons. Therefore, most EV owners rely on Level 1 charging through a standard outlet or install a Level 2 charging station for their at-home usage, both of which are significantly slower than the Level 3 stations. 

The typical charging time for Level 1 charging is 40 to 50 hours, while Level 2 charging takes around 8 to 12 hours to fully charge the vehicle. This is acceptable to many people because they simply charge their cars overnight while sleeping. As for why EV owners opt for a Level 2 charging station instead of relying on Level 1 charging, the reason is because of the lack of available charging stations out on the road.

Albertsons has partnered with Volta to provide EV charging stations

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Sustainability Magazine reports that Albertsons has partnered with Volta to provide charging stations to its customers at plenty of its locations throughout the country. The company has worked on testing faster and faster EV charging stations whenever possible. 

As part of its push to create a more environmentally-friendly image for itself, Albertsons has also been hard at work developing an electric truck fleet. Right now, the company is still just in the first steps of that process but is continuing to work on these projects to enhance its image as a company that cares about the environment. 

Many hope that Albertsons will expand its ability to offer EV charging stations to more and more customers nationwide. If the supermarket chain pulls this off effectively, then Albertsons might be able to provide greater access to charging stations than what currently exists. That is a significant bridge to cross to make electric vehicles more accepted throughout society. 

Do shoppers have to pay for this service? 

Yes, Albertsons does charge for the electric car charging services that it offers. The chain charges customers based on how long their vehicle is plugged in. There is a per-minute charge to receive these services, but many users are happy to pay for it given the rapid charging times that one can enjoy with this service. It is undoubtedly faster than always charging your EV vehicle at home. 

Some early adopters of electric vehicles are taking the news that Albertsons is in the electric vehicle charging business with applause. They are glad to hear that a national chain of grocery stores is prepared to offer them the ability to get their cars charged more easily than ever before.