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Multi-million-dollar hypercars tend to attract a bit of attention, as they should. After all, this is why people buy them. The attention and exclusivity all point back to the owner’s success and deep pockets. But there is another side to all this attention, as one English Bugatti Chiron owner found out in London when a group of English scooter folk smashed his car with hammers. 

Watch Bugatti Chiron get smashed by hammers

It isn’t the easiest video to watch. The scooter duo took to smashing the driver-side window of the Bugatti in the middle of traffic, in broad daylight. At first, the video looks like bikers enacting retribution for someone driving dangerously. According to CarScoops, that may not be the case, while other reports suggest the two were attempting to steal the driver’s watch.

A bystander filmed the attack, and it appears that the scooter drivers were attempting to pull a smash and grab. It makes sense; if you were to rob anyone, wouldn’t it be the person driving an almost literal pile of cash? 

What happened here? 

The helmeted rider is the one who pulled out a metal hammer and began wailing on the Bugatti Chiron driver’s window. Again, the intentions of the two bikers are unknown. Whatever they were trying to pull was thwarted by the driver speeding off and a stronger piece of glass than I think anyone would have expected. 

Although the scooter guy got some good wacks in, the Chiron driver only needed a touch of open road to employ the nearly 1,500 hp beneath the hood. Scooters might be quicker in traffic, but they can’t touch that. 

The two moped drivers left the scene and grabbed the first exit, playing the whole attack off cool. 

How much damage did the moped guys do? 

The driver’s window is destroyed. However, the safety glass did its job beautifully. Whatever the hammer man was trying to do, didn’t happen. Various custom car companies like Charalambous, whose car wrapping business is treating many exotic vehicles, say these crimes are getting more frequent. 

On the one hand, it’s just a car window. Thieves smash car windows all the time. The wealthy Bugatti Chiron owner will surely have the window replaced under insurance, thankfully. Bugattis are notoriously expensive to work on.

Is there something else beneath the surface? 

It is interesting to hear reports of the super wealthy getting targeted like this in major world cities, especially one like London. The Pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the continuous stream of economic and social struggles have caused hardship for most of us. At the same time, the world’s wealthiest people grew their wealth to record-breaking heights.

Aggressive attitudes toward the rich, especially violence, are inexcusable and only stand to make it all worse. However, this is a depiction of the disparity playing out in our modern world. From politics to cars, all things come back to our human condition. Watching the super wealthy get wealthier during a time of so much pain and suffering is frankly too much for some to endure. Crime is spiking not only in London, but in other world Cities like New York, LA, and others.

Again, the motives are still unclear, but this attack is consistent with some other growing political and social displays of unrest and anger. Even if it was just to snag the driver’s watch, thieves are growing bolder as the wealth gap continues to grow.


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