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The images were dramatic: Escaped military horses charging through the streets of London early on a Wednesday morning. Riderless, they slammed into an iconic double-decker bus, smashing its windshield. The animals also crashed into cars and fled through traffic. One gray horse’s fur even shone with blood.

After seeing the news, many wondered what became of the servicemen once riding the horses, and what happened to the animals themselves. Well I have good news: The soldiers are undergoing treatment but recovering. Not only were both horses caught. But they are now under a vet’s supervision. And things look good for “Quaker” and “Vida.”

England’s “Household Cavalry” answers directly to the Royal Family as part of their official bodyguard. The members of the cavalry were drilling when several horses were spooked by workers moving rubble near Buckingham Palace. Apparently, they accidentally dropped the building materials from a height, making a tremendous sound. Four soldiers were thrown from their horses. Those horses broke loose. Their names were Vida, Trojan, Quaker and Tennyson.

Two of those horses escaped onto the street. The black horse was Quaker. The gray horse, with the bloody injuries, was Vida. Traffic noise and city commotion continued to spook the animals who charged through the streets, suffering more injuries at multiple points. At one point Quaker collided with a bus and appears to stop, dazed. Civilians nearby were able to grab his reins and stood with him to calm him.

Escaped Household Cavalry horses flee through the streets of London.
Quaker and Vida in London | Jordan Pettitt/PA Images via Getty Images

The Household Cavalry immediately announced they had caught the horses, thanking London police and civilians for the help. Three weeks later, they released another statement. “Of the soldiers injured, two are still undergoing treatment in hospital but will make a full recovery…The remainder have returned to work.”

Quaker, the black horse, has “shown significant improvement and progresses towards what is expected to be a full recovery.”

Vida, the horse who was covered in blood, “continues to make progress…He remains under close and careful professional veterinary observation as his wounds heal.” I know that is more worrying than Quaker’s update. But note that Vida’s wounds continue to heal.

The Household Cavalry added, “Healing takes time – please be patient as we support that process. The soldiers and horses are all receiving the very best of care.” Finally, the statement concluded, “We are so thankful for everyone’s concern and expressions of support, and for all those involved in their care.”

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