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Like many companies over the past year, Loki has recently had to transition its business model. They went from building modular showrooms and tradeshow displays to slide-in truck campers. Considering that COVID-19 shut down the event industry for a year, Loki had to pivot. This pivot just so happened to be building one of the best camper trucks in the game. 

The all-new Loki Falcon parked in a low lit garage is easy to see how it is one of the best camper trucks
Loki Falcon | Loki

Loki has made quite the change

Although it may feel, at times, like the custom camper and RV market is oversaturated, many customers are still waiting over a year for their campers to be built. With that in mind, there is clearly still enough demand to outweigh the supply. Enter Loki. 

Loki isn’t just the name of a popular Marvel anti-hero, although these camper trucks look like something he might drive. According to Expedition Portal, Lokis founder and CEO Pierre-Mathieu Roy decided that it was the perfect time to put his background in design and fabrication to work. His goal was to build the truck camper he’d always dreamed of and share it with the world.

Loki created a four-season truck camper shell called the Falcon, which comes in three different sizes. The Falcon 5 weighs 1,200 pounds and fits pickup trucks with 5-foot beds. The Falcon 6 is slightly bigger, weighing 2,200 pounds and sized for pickups with 6.5-foot beds. Finally, the Falcon 8 is the largest Loki offers, weighing in at 3,000 pounds and fitting pickups with 8-foot beds.

Each one is made using hand-built aluminum frames and a serious solar-powered electrical system that keeps all your power needs completely off the grid. 

The Loki Falcon camper trucks are highly customizable 

Loki Falcon truck camper top from behind parked in the mountains
Loki Falcon | Loki

It is rare for two customers to want and need the exact same rig, especially when it comes to something as vast and varied as overlanding. For this reason, every Falcon camper truck unit is made to order and completely customizable. Regardless of how anyone intends to use this modular camper shell, the Loki Falcon has them covered. This is, in part, what makes this one of the best camper trucks for overlanding on the market. 

The other aspect that makes the Loki a strong contender is the modular slide-in part of the Falcon. With the added weight and height of the camper shell, drivers will lose a good bit of their vehicle’s off-road ability. However, the design of the Loki Falcon allows for removal, turning your truck back in its 4×4 self when you’re not camping. 

The Falcon camper truck interior 

Truck camper opened up at night
Loki Falcon interior | Loki

The interior of Loki’s Falcon series of campers split into four distinct areas: the mudroom, lounge, kitchenette, and bedroom. The mudroom acts as the entryway to the camper and has an easy-to-clean floor, portable shower, ARB air compressor, and storage. 

The lounge is all about comfort and seating. This area includes a table, removable 68-inch aluminum platforms, anchor points for additional sleeping or storage platforms, and storage for a portable toilet.

The kitchenette comes with a mobile induction cooktop, stainless sink with folding tap and cover, food and cooking equipment storage, and a refrigerator. 

Lastly, the bedroom, which sits in the back of the modular camper truck, features reading lamps, a multimedia monitor with a removable articulating arm, LED lighting, and various electrical outlets. It can also be converted to fit a smaller bed and add more gear storage. 

The Loki Falcon camper is a welcomed addition to the RV market

Solar pannels atop the Falcon camper truck
Loki Falcon | Loki

Even though it feels like there is always a new camper to consider, the truth is, there are still more people wanting overlanding and camper truck rigs that can’t get one. For as long as that dynamic continues, the industry will keep filling in the gaps. For now, the Loki Falcon is one of the best camper trucks for overlanding on the market. 


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