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After launching Harley-Davidson into the electric age, the LiveWire motorcycle started its own spin-off brand. But so far, the LiveWire brand only has one bike, the aptly-named LiveWire One. And though it’s worth riding, no brand can survive on just one product. However, as of today, the One no longer rides alone, because the 2022 LiveWire Del Mar is here.

The 2022 LiveWire Del Mar brings new drivetrain tech and street tracker style to Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle brand

The front view of a gray-with-black-stripes 2023 LiveWire Del Mar Launch Edition electric motorcycle
2023 LiveWire Del Mar Launch Edition front | Harley-Davidson

A few years down the line from the OG LiveWire, the concept of an electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle isn’t quite as shocking (sorry). But even so, the 2022 LiveWire Del Mar stands apart from both the One and many past Harleys.

Firstly, the Del Mar isn’t a standard motorcycle like the One, nor is it a cruiser or a bagger. Instead, it’s a street tracker, which is sort of like a supermoto take on a flat-tracker motorcycle. In other words, it has some dirt-bike-like elements, such as high-mounted flat handlebars, upright ergonomics, and a minimal flyscreen, but it’s designed for urban roads rather than mud. However, LiveWire did give the Del Mar dirt-rated Dunlop DT1 tires. Also, you only need to undo three bolts to remove the license plate and turn indicators, Cycle World says.

Regardless, we haven’t really seen a Harley-Davidson street tracker motorcycle, let alone an electric one. The brand has extensive flat track history—its XR750 is the most successful AMA bike ever—but it’s never made a factory street tracker. So, in that regard, the LiveWire Del Mar is a historic bike for Harley.

But it’s also a vital motorcycle for LiveWire in another way. The 2022 Del Mar is the first bike built on LiveWire’s new S2 Arrow architecture. It’s a modular platform with a fully-integrated electric motor, battery, charging hardware, and relevant control systems that Harley-Davidson plans to use in future electric motorcycles. That doesn’t mean future LiveWires will look exactly like the Del Mar, but they’ll be built around its chassis.

Thanks to this modularity, LiveWire says the Del Mar takes 44% less time to assemble than a One, Jalopnik reports. That should also make it and future LiveWire bikes cheaper than the One—more on this in a second. Plus, the Arrow design makes the battery and motor stressed members of the frame, improving stiffness and decreasing weight.

This electric street tracker should have decent range and speed

The side view of a white-clad rider on a gray-and-black 2023 LiveWire Del Mar Launch Edition in a city
2023 LiveWire Del Mar Launch Edition side | LiveWire

As of this writing, LiveWire hasn’t released all the 2022 Del Mar’s specs. For example, we don’t know the suspension details, though Cycle World says the rear monoshock has at least preload adjustment. The Del Mar’s seat height, geometry, and battery capacity are also under wraps. But given that the street tracker introduces a new electric motorcycle platform, it’s understandable that Harley-Davidson is still finalizing some things.

However, there are some things we do know right now. For one, the Del Mar has Brembo brakes, presumably with ABS as the One does. Secondly, LiveWire claims the Del Mar should weigh no more than 440 pounds and make 80 hp. That should be enough for a 3.5-second 0-60 mph time. It also means the Del Mar will be less powerful than the One, but also roughly 120 pounds lighter.

In addition, LiveWire is targeting a 100-mile city range for its new electric street tracker. That’s 46 miles less than the One gets. But remember, the Del Mar introduces a scalable platform. Harley-Davidson has two more Arrow-based LiveWire electric motorcycles, a smaller S3 and larger S1, in the pipeline, Jalopnik says. So, those who want more range will likely have other options. Plus, 100 miles isn’t bad for a flat-track-inspired motorcycle; that’s roughly the range I saw on the 2022 Indian FTR.

How much does the 2022 LiveWire Del Mar cost?

LiveWire will likely reveal more Del Mar specs closer to its delivery date—and it has some time to do it. The first bikes won’t arrive until spring 2023. But if you want one, the order books are open; LiveWire is targeting a $15,000 MSRP.

Speaking of orders, the first 100 Del Mars won’t be ‘regular’ models. Instead, they’re Launch Edition bikes, with 19” PCB cast-aluminum wheels and Jasper Gray or Comet Indigo graphics and paint. That paint job takes five days to apply by hand, by the way. Unfortunately, you can’t order a Launch Edition because they sold out in 18 minutes.

Regardless, the LiveWire Del Mar’s imminent arrival means the One isn’t the loneliest number—er, Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle anymore.

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