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Airbnb has revolutionized travel for many people. The housing service allows individuals to rent their personal spaces to other people. This allows for unique experiences while traveling that hotels have never really been able to do. The ultimate Airbnb property known as “Little Talladega” proves this point in a big way. I’ll just cut the chase; it comes with racetracks; personal, private, racetracks. Try and get that at a LaQuinta. If you drift your Nissan 300ZX around the parking lot of a hotel, I’d bet your stay would be pretty short.

an areal veiw of the property with the race tracks visable
Little Talladega | Airbnb

Where is the “Little Talladega” Airbnb? 

According to The Drive, Little Talladega is a 60-acre property in Ponoma, Missouri, that offers quite a lot. This lightly Tuscan-styled home spans a massive 8,500 sqft. The home can accommodate up to 16 guests in its six bedrooms and 12 beds. 

Subtlety is not this owner’s strong suit. If the drift oval out directly out the front door wasn’t enough, many of the beds are shaped like cars and trucks. One of these racecar beds is made out of an actual Nissan 300ZX if you prefer a racecar bed to sleeping with a spouse or some other such partner in the big beds. 

What kind of racetracks does this ultimate Airbnb have? 

If the name “Little Talladega” didn’t tip you off, this property has some unique features. Playing off the famous Nascar track, the property has multiple race tracks scattered across its 60 acres. 

For starters, there’s a small teardrop-shaped course surrounding the home. While this track’s proximity to the house is about as trackside as it gets, drivers may want to take it easy, or they could wind up parking in the living room.

Although this oval track would be a great drift track for drivers with the skill, the more approachable event would be kart racing. Kart racing (depending on the karts) is a great, lower-stakes way to learn racing fundamentals. 

Aside from the track around the house, Little Talladega also has a dirt track to really get guests sideways. If that wasn’t enough, there are also miles of cut trails for off-roading. 

Are you supposed to hoon your own car at Lil ‘Dega? 

a photo the Little Talledega Airbnb and its huge swimming pool
Little Talladega | Airbnb

The ultimate Airbnb property comes with a monstrous garage packed with ATVs and karts for guests to use as they please. And, once you’re done ripping for the day, the garage is also home to a small arcade with Airhockey, foosball, and other games. 

This ultimate Airbnb still has more to offer

Even if you aren’t a racing enthusiast, Little Talladega is still the ultimate Airbnb property. Amongst all the racing tracks, the property also has a baseball diamond, a massive swimming pool, a tennis court, and a basketball court. Hell, there is even a billiards room and dance hall. 

So no matter who is in your massive group vacation needed to fill the six-bedroom mansion, there is something for everyone here. Although there are some parallels, this place seems to be a smidge nicer than the real Talladega; but just a smidge. 


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