The Little Ford Maverick Is 1 of the Highest-Rated Pickup Trucks on Consumer Reports

The 2022 Ford Maverick is a force to be reckoned with. When Ford first announced it, many people had questions. A Ford pickup truck called the Maverick? We’ve already had the Ford Maverick, and it’s a sedan. Now, fast forward a couple of years, and so many people are trying to buy one of these strange little pickup trucks that Ford had to close the books to stay on top of the influx of orders. It turns out that this strange little hybrid pickup truck is one of the highest-rated pickup trucks on Consumer Reports. 

2022 Ford Maverick review
2022 Ford Maverick | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

What is Consumer Reports’ favorite pickup truck? 

Consumer Reports has not been shy about how they feel about the Honda Ridgeline. It scored an 84/100, which is a head above the rest. In second place for CR is the Ram 1500, with a score of 75/100. And bringing in third, the strange and exciting Ford Maverick with a 74/100. 

I think it’s fair to say that Consumer Reports has a bit of a different view of pickup trucks and what they should be. That isn’t to say the wrong view by any means. However, where many truck reviewers and fans might rank aspects like payload and towing over comfort or ride height, CR rates every vehicle with the same criteria, making things objective, even if a bit strange. 

Why is the Ford Maverick so popular? 

A blue 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup truck is towing a small trailer.
The 2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The Ford Maverick is the right truck for the weird world we currently live in. It’s a small pickup truck with an efficient hybrid powertrain that can still tow 4,000 lbs. Admittedly, that isn’t all that much, considering the Hyundai Santa Cruz is good for an additional 1,000 lbs, but that’s not the point. 

The point is that Ford seems to have a strong read on what the people want right now. The Maverick comes at just the right time with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine making 191 hp and yielding 23 mpg. There is also an optional turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with no hybrid support that makes 250 hp. 

In classic Consumer Reports fashion, the stand-out aspects that the testers loved are nimble handling, great visibility, ease of entry, maneuverability, and its fresh take on the small pickup truck. 

How much does the Ford Maverick cost? 

A grey 2022 Ford Maverick has supplies loaded into its bed.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The Ford Maverick’s price point is without question one of its strongest attributes. When orders open again sometime this summer, buyers can get a brand-new Ford Maverick Starting at $19,995. And, if you’re really fancy, the top trim starts at $25,860. This is a remarkable price point, especially if you consider the average new car price is $46,404. That means the top trim is still nearly half of the market average. 

However, like the rest of the car market, popularity these days has proven to be a bit of a curse. As we mentioned earlier, the hype and popularity the Maverick is enjoying led Ford to close order books a few months ago. The fear is that Ford, already backed up on anything Bronco-related, will get too backed up, and Ford customers will have to wait years to get the new model. This, of course, is fueled by the ongoing chip shortage and other production delays paired with increased demand. 

Assuming the production delays ease over the next year, the Ford Maverick is shaping up to be one of the best pickup trucks on the market, not just on Consumer Reports. 

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