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Lincoln historically shows a different way of providing comfort in its luxury vehicles; when other companies zig, Lincoln zags. With comfort in mind, the new Lincoln Star concept is a luxury SUV that shows how to bring more senses into the driving experience. This concept model also shows some unique ways the upper crust could enjoy what an electric vehicle can bring to the market.

How does the Lincoln Star concept luxury SUV set the mood?

Lincoln Star Concept SUV. This new luxury concept SUV delivers sensory-inducing technology.
Lincoln Star Concept SUV | Lincoln

The Verge tells us this SUV brings design, light, displays, scents, and sounds to deliver the immersive experience many consumers desire. Think about how enjoyable the drive is in a quiet cabin compared to a vehicle inhabited by road noises; Lincoln takes this a step farther with mood-setting technology. These mood settings include:

  • Coastal Morning – gentle sounds and smells to make drives feel like they are near the ocean
  • Mindful Vitality – energizing sounds and smells to get you going
  • Evening Chill – calming sounds and dusk views to bring your day to a close in a relaxing manner

An aggressive goal from Lincoln

This Lincoln Navigator Concept shows the creativity of Lincoln and what this brand could deliver to consumers.
Lincoln Navigator Concept | Getty Images

By 2030, Lincoln states it expects to offer nearly 90 percent of its North American sales as fully-electric vehicles, as reported by Automotive News. This is a seriously aggressive approach, especially for a brand that has lagged behind competitors in the EV world thus far. This new goal is an increase over the desire for 80 percent of sales to be EVs by the end of the decade. Without a current electric model in the mix, Lincoln needs a strong push to catch up with other brands.

A new platform for the concept electric luxury SUV

The new Lincoln Star concept uses the new Ford RWD/AWD EV platform. This vehicle is close in size to the Aviator crossover, but it shows only two rows instead of three, allowing for greater comfort for passengers within the cabin. Because this is an electric vehicle, the cabin can occupy much more of the wheelbase than in typical gasoline-powered vehicles.

Quiet Flight becomes the design language of Lincoln EVs

Lincoln Star Concept with All Hatches Open
Lincoln Star Concept with All Hatches Open | Lincoln

The new Star electric SUV showcases the new Quiet Flight design language that will inspire the look and feel of all three production EVs Lincoln plans for 2025. These three give this brand the start to offering electric models, and a fourth EV should arrive in 2026, giving shoppers a strong selection. The Star uses an Aviator-like form with a raked roofline, impressive surface styling, good proportions, and a long rear overhang.

The front end of this luxury SUV shows a redesigned Lincoln logo in the grille-less fascia, while the rear glass and lower half of the back hatch come to a sharp point together. One of the most interesting features of this SUV is the set of rear-hinged doors. The rear doors open to the rear while the front doors open to the front. This offers a cavernous opening for all passengers to step inside with ease.

Is that a sliding frunk shelf?

Yes, the new Lincoln Star concept features a front trunk, or frunk, which is a sliding shelf. The front lid opens, and the nose slides forward, making storing and retrieving items much easier for any owner. The lid opens with a unique lift and shift movement, which offers a much wider opening in this area.

Lincoln shows a full-width screen in the Start concept, but not like other models

Lincoln Star Concept Dashboard Screen
Lincoln Star Concept Dashboard Screen | Lincoln

Many of the full-width screens in vehicles consume the entire dashboard, but not in the Lincoln Star concept. This luxury SUV shows us a slimmer screen, more shapely, and sleeker than most. The shape is inspired by airplane wings, offering a stylish look to the dash. There is a secondary screen and gear selector buttons, allowing some of the controls to remain outside the long screen.

How much of this concept EV will arrive in the production models?

We won’t know the answer to this question until the first, second, or third Lincoln EV models arrive in the market in 2025. Until then, we can only hope that some of the sensory, comfort and convenience features offered in the Lincoln Star concept make it to the production models. It’s a certainty we’ll watch the path to the EV world closely.

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This article was updated on 8/6/2022.


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