Lincoln is Consumer Reports’ Most Unreliable SUV Brand

There is a new SUV brand ranked in last place, according to Consumer Reports, and it’s Lincoln. While Cadillac was in last place, recently, it moved up on the list of most reliable new cars, and Lincoln dropped a few spots. So, is the Lincoln Aviator, Navigator, or Corsair the least reliable option? 

Consumer Reports ranks Lincoln as the least reliable SUV Brand 

According to Consumer Reports’ list of the most reliable new cars, Lincoln is in last place. Lincoln is down in the 26th spot, while Cadillac moved up to the 21st rank. Also, Mazda just overtook Toyota as the most reliable SUV brand. 

How reliable each brand is often changes based on new survey information and predicted reliability ratings based on Consumer Reports’ collective data. They survey thousands of vehicle owners to determine potential trouble spots and owner satisfaction ratings. 

2020 Lincoln Aviator
2020 Lincoln Aviator | Lincoln

There are 17 potential trouble spots for each SUV model. Also, their predicted reliability score is calculated on a 0-to-100 point scale. The average generally falls between 41 to 60 points, and only brands with sufficient data for two or more models are ranked. So, let’s see how Lincoln only managed to score an 8. 

The Lincoln Aviator struggles with predicted reliability 

The 2020 Aviator seems to be the worst-ranked Lincoln SUV in terms of predicted reliability. It has a score of one out of five. However, it also scored a five out of five for predicted owner satisfaction. So, apparently, even if it breaks down, it still makes people happy. 

The most common trouble spots include issues with body integrity and body hardware. The Aviator has reports of drive system issues, climate system problems, brake issues, paint issues, power equipment trouble, and in-car electronic issues. 

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Body integrity issues include rattling, wind noises, water leaks, and more. The power equipment issues include cruise control issues, keyless entry problems, issues with the security system, warning light issues, and more. 

Plus, the 2020 Aviator has received five recalls so far this year. One was for defective drive shafts, another was for faulty side airbags, the fuel system may leak, the front seats may have been improperly assembled, and another recall was for parking brake problems. 

The Lincoln Nautilus scored a little better 

While the Aviator has a score of two, the 2020 Nautilus got a nine for predicted reliability model scores. It also scored a one out of five for predicted reliability and a four out of five for predicted owner satisfaction. 

The most common trouble spots include transmission problems, power equipment issues, and in-car electronics problems. Owners reported minor and major transmission problems for the 2019 model. They also reported issues with the climate system, suspension, exhaust system, and brakes. 

red 2020 Lincoln Nautilus on highway
2020 Lincoln Nautilus | Lincoln

There have been two recalls for the 2020 Nautilus. One was for the poor visibility of the rearview mirrors and devices, and the other was for reduced rearward visibility. The other recall was for faulty airbags. 

The Lincoln Corsair has an SUV rating of 14 but still only earned a one out of five for its predicted reliability rating. Its most common trouble spots include body integrity issues, power equipment problems, and in-car electronic problems.