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Luxury cars, such as Lexus and Porsche, are some of the most dependable vehicles you can buy. Of course, they’re also the cars with the highest price tags. For example, a new Porsche 718 Boxster costs a minimum of $60,000, and that’s not including ownership costs for fuel and maintenance.

Consumer Reports found that the cost of ownership for many luxury cars is low for the first three years. This is also the length of many luxury cars’ warranties, which cover small repairs. However, after the 10-year mark, the cost of owning these cars can make a serious dent in your savings. One luxury car brand proves to be a notable exception: Lincoln.

Surprisingly cheap to maintain

According to Consumer Reports, surveys indicated that a Lincoln car costs far less to own than any of its luxury rivals. During its first three years, ownership costs were reported to be $159. At the 10-year mark, it’s not even double that number at $290.

Fuel costs aren’t as low as cars like the Honda Accord, but the numbers are still respectable for a luxury car. The Lincoln MKZ costs $1,230 to fuel up. In contrast, a similar sedan from BMW needs $1,310 worth of gas each year. While it’s not a marginal jump in savings, it’s definitely something budget-conscious shoppers like to know about.

Reliability of Lincoln cars

Some Lincoln models also have high-reliability ratings from Consumer Reports. This rating indicates how well the vehicle is expected to hold up after many years. The Lincoln MKZ has the highest score with four out of a possible five points. The Lincoln Navigator and Continental each score three points.

The Corsair and Aviator have lower reliability scores, but each still performed excellently on road tests. Both of these cars also have good owner satisfaction ratings. The Lincoln Nautilus has the worst reliability out of the entire lineup. However, it’s still fun to drive and comes with many standard features.

What’s the most expensive luxury car to own?

According to Consumer Report’s findings, BMW cars are the most expensive to own overall. For the first three years of ownership, drivers reported paying only $59. After seven more years, this number spikes to $910. BMW cars also have higher retail prices than many Lincoln models.

BMW cars are generally great to drive and have average reliability scores. However, some of them can rack up a good deal of money on fuel costs. The BMW 7-series sedan was reported to cost $1,565 each year at the pump. While a plug-in model is available, this car will usually cost over $96,000.

Other expensive rivals

While not as expensive as BMW, many other luxury cars also come with disappointingly high ownership costs. The Mercedes-Benz lineup doesn’t perform much better, with $838 spent for 10 years of ownership. Audi cars are a little more reasonable, with $625 spent after 10 years. 

For most luxury car brands, you can expect to pay anywhere between $500-$600 over 10 years. Besides Lincoln cars, Cadillacs and Volvos were also found to be more affordable.

The best Lincoln cars to own

The Aviator is a promising new model for 2020. It has plenty of interesting technology on board and two great powertrain options. The hybrid version makes up to 494 hp and gets incredible fuel economy: 56 mpg combined.

The Lincoln Navigator is also a great three-row SUV. It boasts a twin-turbo V6, high towing capacity, and a luxurious interior. No matter which Lincoln you buy, it’ll end up costing far less overall than other luxury rivals.