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Ford spent considerable resources to push its fleet toward electrification. Now, it’s doing the same with its Lincoln luxury division and its plug-in hybrid Aviator SUV. However, time has run short for those wishing to order a Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring PHEV. Lincoln is on the verge of closing order banks for the plug-in hybrid luxury SUV.  

When is the last day to order a plug-in hybrid Lincoln Aviator?

A new Lincoln Aviator its in front a luxury home covered in ivy.
Lincoln Aviator | Lincoln

Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring PHEV orders will close on April 14 at 10 pm.

According to a report from Ford Authority, customers only have until Friday, April 14, to submit orders for new plug-in hybrid Aviator SUVs. High demand has filled order slots quickly, prompting Ford to cut off submissions early. 

Ford Authority states that Lincoln dealerships will have until 10 p.m. Friday to submit their final retail orders for the 2023 Aviator Grand Touring. Whether Lincoln deigns to provide additional dealership allocations is yet to be seen. 

This isn’t the first story of its kind from Ford. The Detroit giant has faced considerable demand for PHEV models. In January, Ford closed down 2023 Escape PHEV orders early. The move has forced many shoppers to wait until orders open for the 2024 version. 

Here’s how much power the Lincoln Aviator PHEV makes 

The Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring PHEV makes a combined 494 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque. It’s a serious step up in performance for the midsize luxury SUV. 

The powertrain starts with a 3.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 internal combustion and adds a 13.5 kWh battery to achieve such power numbers. A ten-speed automatic transmission is standard. 

One of the main benefits of the Aviator PHEV is its electric-only driving range. The SUV can drive up to 21 miles in EV mode between charges.  

How much is the plug-in hybrid Lincoln Aviator?

The 2023 Lincoln Aviator PHEV orders start at approximately $70,000 MSRP. However, other factors like order sheet options, dealer markups, and destination fees can cause prices to balloon.  

All-electric future ahead for Aviator and other Lincoln products 

Close up of the side badging of a Lincoln Aviator with gray skies and mountains in the background.
Lincoln Aviator | Lincoln

While Aviator PHEV orders may end for 2023, a new Aviator with an all-electric powertrain is set to debut in 2024. Ford Authority reports that the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator will have electric versions sometime next year. The battery-powered update is set to accompany a styling refresh for the Aviator and a redesigned look for the Explorer. 

Until then, the Aviator PHEV serves as a stopgap – but not for long. 


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