Lincoln Aviator Hybrid’s 494 hp Puts Cadillac on Notice

To many, it seems like maybe Lincoln is in the process of surpassing Cadillac. From its crisp designs to it more luxurious, better-handled interiors, Lincoln has it going on right now. One of the products that are causing some to think this way is the 2020 Aviator.

Power and Torque

The 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 packs a whopping 400 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque for the gas engine. The hybrid is even better, with an impressive 494 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. Impressive to say the least. There’s also the Grand Touring plug-in with two drive mode for either electric-only travel or battery conservation. At this time the mileage figures are still being crunched. 

The transmission for any optional engine is a 10-speed automatic. 

Impressive Economy

While fuel economy may not be the first on one’s mind in this category of vehicle, still, these are great numbers for a car this size and weight. The standard engine/transmission/rear-wheel-drive combo sees 18 mpg for city and 26 mpg for the highway for an overall 21 mpg. With all-wheel-drive, those numbers dip only slightly to 17 mpg city, 24 mpg highway, for an overall of 20 mpg.

Adaptive Suspension

Smoothing out the bumps is the advanced Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview. This suspension system incorporates 12 sensors that are reading the road 500 times per second. They monitor vehicle motion, body movement, steering, acceleration, and braking. The system crunches over 23,000 inputs per second, adjusting the system in a flash.

There is even pothole suppression that stiffens the shock absorber when it monitors one tire dropping into a hole. This is independent of the other three tires, adapting each corner of the Aviator to any road surface.

Aviators with the Road Preview system feature a front-mounted camera reading the road surface 50 feet ahead. It’s looking for height differences or obstructions, which it signals back to the suspension system, signaling an adjustment. Differences detected from two to eight inches high prepare for the change, adjusting the corner accordingly.

Taking the suspension dynamics a step farther, Air Glide Suspension can be substituted for the coil spring set up. Guided airbags can be set for certain road heights like rough terrain. In this case, the suspension raises the body for better clearance. Driving on highways the Aviator lowers for better aerodynamics.

High-Quality Interiors

Second-row captain’s chairs, two different center consoles, 30-way power-adjustable front seats, four-way lumbar support, Revel audio system with 28 speakers and the ability to return lost audio details from digitally compressed music; the Aviator has as impressive of interior choices as its exterior refinement.

The infotainment system adds Co-Pilot360 Plus to recognize speed limits and adjust cruise control accordingly, traffic-jam assist, evasive-steering assist, and active park assist. 

All-in-all a most impressive Aviator is waiting at your Lincoln dealer right now.

Prices start at $52,195 to $87,800 depending on options and destination charges.