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A limousine comes into mind whenever questions about luxury and comfort driving are on the debate. That’s no surprise considering the prestige and exclusivity that leads the history of these autos. Their elite features, including the mini-fridges, tinted windows, executive interiors, and mood lighting, make them the best for different classic events and rides.

Limos are luxury cars whose history dates back to the years of horse-drawn cartridges. Today, they dominate the royal class and society’s prominent individuals. So, celebrities aren’t lagging in the executive rides. It’s time to learn if you find these long and drawn-out drives plus their decadent design irresistible.

What’s the history of limousines?

A limo/limousine for King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Queen Maxima at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport in Germany
A limousine for King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands | Kay Nietfeld/picture alliance via Getty Images

Limousines first rolled out over a century ago. The idea evolved from the traditional horse-drawn cartridges that carried the royals and effluents.

They got their name from Limousin, a province in France. Though, there’s no close relationship between this region and the executive cars. However, according to the Gentleman’s Journal, the limo’s hood carriages resembled the raised hoods that Limousin shepherds wore. In other theories, the early chauffeurs wore cloaks similar to those of the Limousin shepherds, leading to the name.

Limos entered the market at the beginning of the 20th century. Decades later, the designs improved, creating the modern-day limo. The cars cruised on long wheelbases and had a compartment separating the driver from the passengers. Still, these past limousines didn’t stretch too much (as it is today).

The stretch limos hit the roads for the first time in 1928. The Armbruster, a coach company in Arkansas, built the first stretch limousine in 1928. The big bands used the vehicles for their traveling shows.

The main limousine manufacturers are INKAS Vehicle Manufacturing, Royale Limos, and BIG Limos. Apart from those, countless companies also split and stretch cars to create limousines. However, the difference is that most of these custom manufacturers are producing vehicles out of their existing models. The Dodge Challenger Limousine is an excellent example.

What are the interior features of a limo?

A standard limo includes a bar, LED TV, special lighting, CD/DVD player, stereo system, and leather interior. If you’re hiring the vehicle, you can omit any feature you won’t need on your trip.

Limousines can include various security and comfort features depending on users’ needs. Raised roofs, hot tubs, pools, showers, beds, and helipads are just some of the features of these executive vehicles.

The president’s limo also includes security details like a grenade launcher and a blood fridge. Some high-end limousines may come with a cockpit to make you get a jet-like drive on the road.

According to Echo Limousine, limo buses offer a great way to party on the wheels. The 30-seater bus has climate control, shower, Champagne storage, top-notch sound system, flatscreen TVs, and mood lighting.

Types of limousines

Limousines come in different types and sizes to match the user’s needs. According to Airline Limousine, sedan limousines are a great pick to commute from the airport. The three to four-seater cars also fit as a great cab alternative if you want to arrive at your destination quickly and stylishly.

SUV limousines are an excellent choice for road trips with your friends or family vacations. They’re more spacious than a sedan limo and come fitted with the best features to add fun to your trip. You may want to check out other types, including stretch limos, classic vintage limos, convertible limos, and a Lincoln Limo.

A limousine offers an excellent way to arrive at your destination in style and leave a statement everywhere you go. Anyone can currently enjoy the exclusivity, comfort, convenience, and privacy of these vans and buses.

The Jeep Wrangler TJ 4×4 Limo, for instance, is a great van to consider for your bachelorette party. Find a hiring company and make your birthday, bachelorette party, or wedding the best by hitting the ground in a classic limousine.

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