Lexus Managed to Sell 1 Brand-New LFA in Q3 2020

The Lexus LF-A arrived in 2010 as a carbon-fiber-bodied, V10-powered supercar. It was only on sale for two model years, and production officially ended in December of 2012. Now, almost eight years after its demise, Lexus is still selling brand-new LF-As. A recent report by GoodCarBadCar highlighted the sale of one brand-new LF-A in September of this year. To make things even stranger, Lexus managed to sell two other LF-As back in February. 

How can I get a brand-new LF-A?

The Lexus LFA is a carbon-fiber bodied Japanese V10 supercar.
Lexus LFA | Lexus

Look for the Lexus LF-A online, and you’ll only find used low mileage examples selling for well over $500,000. While the LF-As $375,000 original base price was nothing to scoff at, these new inflated values are on track to double the MSRP. So let’s pretend we’re all filthy rich and we must have Japan’s most incredible supercar. There are less than 10 LF-As currently available for sale on a national level, half of which don’t even have a listed price. 

Searching for new models yields absolutely zero results, meaning that most of these cars most likely selling privately. These LF-As are likely residing in dealerships as props to get people into the door, never reaching the online market. A dealership that has purposely saved a car for almost eight years most likely isn’t in a rush to sell, so it may take a sizeable sum to get one. Given the inflated prices of the used examples, expect to pay close to the $700,000 range for a brand-new LF-A. 

There is just one unsold LF-A left

The Lexus LFA is a carbon-fiber bodied Japanese V10 supercar.
Lexus LFA | Lexus

While the Lexus LF-A may seem elusive to us, Lexus has done a great job keeping track of where these rare supercars are. In 2017, Lexus claimed there were 12 LF-As left in showrooms across the United States. In that same year, Lexus managed to sell 3 of those LF-As. With two more cars selling in 2018 and three in 2019, inventory is quickly dwindling. In February of this year, two LF-As were sold, presumably at the same time. 

If we factor in the current sales figures for 2020, there is just one brand-new LF-A left. If we can easily piece this together, then the owner of the final LF-A most likely has as well. Given its unique status, we should not expect to see the car sell for a while. Effectively being a 1 of 1, the final LF-As value is truly unpredictable, and if the used examples are anything to go by, it should be eye-wateringly expensive. 

What makes the LF-A so great? 

The Lexus LFA is a carbon-fiber bodied Japanese V10 supercar.
Lexus LFA | Jean-Marc ZAORSKI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

The Best Engine of the Last Decade Is Found Inside a Lexus

The Lexus LF-A began development in 2000, with the first concept-car making its debut in 2003. As the team continued developing the LF-A, Lexus decided to produce a carbon fiber frame, instead of an aluminum one, which required scrapping most of the completed work. Aside from requiring a brand-new structure, the LF-A also utilized a bespoke V10 engine. 

The 553-hp supercar also included a carbon fiber body, aiding to keep the weight down. If all of this is beginning to sound expensive, it’s because it was. Despite selling each LF-A at a base price of $375,000, Lexus still lost a significant amount of money on each car produced. Lexus limited production to just 500 units worldwide, making 20 cars per month. If the standard LFA was already an expensive and limited car, we can’t even imagine what the very last one could go for.