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Lexus is preparing for an electrified future. This is part of a larger strategy by parent company Toyota to increase sales of BEVs and become carbon-neutral. That is not very interesting or unique on its own, as most major auto manufacturers have embarked on a similar path. In fact, carmakers must make the switch to EVs to keep up with market trends and meet stricter government regulations.

What is interesting about Lexus’ EV future are the cars they plan to build. As you would imagine, there is a large number of SUVs and Crossovers in the works, but there is a car, first teased in December, that could bring the magic back to Lexus’ model line-up. 

Lexus Electrified Sport Concept becomes a reality

A December press conference with Toyota President Akio Toyoda showed off a svelte and curvaceous coupe, dubbed the Electrified Sport. At the time, this was just a concept car, and one meant to show the brand’s vision for an EV supercar. 

Now, thanks to Lexus UK’s Instagram page, it is evident that the LFA successor is real. The first photo of the post shows the coupe driving on the road, which is exciting news for fans of the brand and supercars.

Details are scarce, but the concept gets its DNA from the legendary LFA

A silver Lexus Electrified Sport Concept shown at the December 2021 Toyota press conference. The car is surrounded by other, future Toyota EV models.
Lexus Electrified Sport Concept | Toyota

If Lexus puts this car into production, it will go up against some heavy hitters. The Tesla Model S Plaid, Lotus Evija, and Rimac Nevera will be direct competitors. These are all bonafide supercars, and the Lexus will need similar or better performance to compete. 

Speaking during the press conference, Akio Toyoda had this to say about the new supercar,

“[Lexus] Will develop a next-generation battery EV sports car that inherits the driving taste, or the secret sauce, of the performance cultivated via the development of the LFA. We will extend the driving taste refined this way to other models as we evolve Lexus into a brand centered on battery EVs.

“With bold proportions and low ride height essential to a sports car, it will showcase the unique driving performance of a Lexus and become a model that symbolizes the future of the brand.”

Mr. Toyoda did not elaborate on any specs or additional details, but Lexus has previously revealed that they are targeting a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 2.5 seconds and that the supercar will make use of next-gen solid-state battery technology.

The similarities to the LFA

A 3/4 front view of a white 2012 Lexus LFA supercar.
2012 Lexus LFA | Lexus

At first glance, there’s not much to say that the Electrified Sport Concept is a direct descendent of the LFA. The new EV concept does mimic the proportions of Lexus’ previous flagship supercar with a long hood and small greenhouse set well back on the chassis. It’s an interesting choice as most other manufacturers have shifted to a mid-engine style body shape, with the cockpit centered in the chassis for better weight distribution. 

The gills, vents, and air intakes all reference the design of the LFA. The LFA was born out of Toyota’s time in Formula 1. The V10 engine was a tribute to the high-revving power plants used by the series from 1995 through 2006 and was co-developed by Yamaha. Advanced carbon-fiber composites made up the bodywork, but the LFA was not an F1 car for the road. Instead, it was a demonstration of what Toyota and Lexus could achieve. The result was one of the greatest supercars ever made. 

The Electrified Sport Concept has big shoes to fill. There is no doubt that the electric powertrain will give the concept performance that will exceed the LFA, but can it match its handling and driving dynamics. 

Toyota and Lexus know how to build world-class sports and racing cars, and we hope that a significant portion of that know-how goes into the new Electrified Concept. There is no word yet as to when this beauty may start production, but the early signs are good that Lexus is ready to take on the best super and hypercars in the world. 

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