Lexus Fans Are Heartbroken About This Model Reportedly Dying

Only Lexus vehicles from its high-performance division earn an “F” insignia, indicating an impressive level of quality and performance. Although Lexus only reserves the “F” for a select few in its lineup, there is one model fans have been dying to have transformed into a high-performing “F” version: the LC 500. The problem is, fans may be waiting in vain.

Fans have been waiting for a powerful F version of the Lexus LC for years

The Lexus LC, which stands for “Luxury Coupe,” debuted at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, and since then, fans have been waiting for the brand’s high-performance division to get its hands on it. Meant to replace the SC, the LC promised power and amazing luxury.

It seemed natural to fans and experts alike that Lexus would take its greatly received LC and turn it into an even-more-powerful “F” version in the future. Lexus never gave a definitive “yes” or “no” to a future Lexus LC F, resulting in years of rumors.

According to a report made by Forbes in early 2020, plans for a super-powerful Lexus LC F were already in the works. Anticipation for the LC F would be high, even stating that Lexus would “change the high-performance car landscape come 2022 with a coupe that is strongly rumored to employ a race car engine.”

With the automaker’s performance division just recently releasing an “F” variant of the RC, 2022 appears to be the most reasonable release date for a new LC F. Team members even hinted that the brand would “improve the LC’s performance by adopting a variety of new technologies, including a newly developed V8 twin-turbo engine.” This high-performing Lexus LC F could produce up to 660 hp over the standard V8 in the LC, which makes 472 hp.

Hope for an LC F may be dwindling, and no one is happy about it

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But as hopes and rumors for a future Lexus LC F stand at an all-time high, new reports may bring them to a screeching halt. According to CarBuzz, the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic stands to take yet another victim, in the form of the LC F.

Experts at CarBuzz report that claims from a Japanese company state the “Lexus LC F project has been discontinued.” This report claims that while the Lexus LC F was supposed to be the successor to the LFA supercar, its limited production numbers would have meant limited profit for the brand. And in these uncertain times, even the second-largest automaker in the world is being forced to reevaluate its projects.

In true car-fan form, It didn’t take Lexus lovers long to turn to Reddit to discuss the rumors, as well as their disgust. According to a current thread about the discontinuation of the Lexus LC F, fans are sick of the LC being ignored. Some fans call the idea of there never being an LC F “a waste,” “a shame,” and simply “sad.” 

Is there any hope Lexus can make it up to fans?

The future of the Lexus LC F may be uncertain at best, but there may be some good news for fans. The 660-hp twin-turbo engine is still rumored to be in the works, though it may not wind up in the sporty LC coupe. If rumors are correct, a version of this twin-turbo is expected to be used for the next-generation Toyota Tundra, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser. These vehicles will be able to produce more of a profit for Lexus’ parent company. As plans for an updated engine move forward, maybe plans for an LC F will return for the future.

As for the current Lexus LC, its future is also unsure. With Toyota recently confirming the discontinuation of its current 5.0-liter V8 after 2021, only the V6 LC 500h seems to be safe. Unless the automaker brings in a new engine for the coupe and convertible variants of the LC, the LC 500h may be the only one left in the lineup.