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It shouldn’t have taken this long, but Lexus finally sees the error of its ways. Currently, the Lexus SUV lineup features a few small crossover models and a pair of body-on-frame, truck-based SUVs. The mistake of this brand is the lack of a three-row crossover-based SUV to give us a more comfortable ride while delivering spaciousness across three rows. Lexus hopes to correct this error by adding the new TX model to the luxury SUV lineup.

Lexus large SUVs share platforms with Toyota models

The 2022 Lexus RX L is the current three-row crossover.
2022 Lexus RX L | Lexus

Whether it’s a lack of vision or a sense of frugality, Lexus has used the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota 4Runner platforms to develop and offer the LX and GX luxury SUV models for the year. This means the large Lexus SUVs use truck-style platforms. While other brands learned to offer three-row crossovers, Lexus fell behind.

Isn’t there a three-row version of the RX?

Yes, the Lexus RXL is a three-row long-wheelbase model of the midsize SUV, but Kelley Blue Book tells us the third row is only large enough for small kids. Those children likely require a car seat, making this third row nearly useless suddenly.

Lexus needs a three-row crossover SUV with plenty of room in the rear seats.

The new Lexus TX is on the way

The 2023 Lexus TX will be a larger three-row crossover luxury SUV from this brand.
2023 Lexus TX | Lexus

We have to wait about 18 months, but a new Lexus TX is scheduled to arrive and become part of this luxury SUV lineup. This new model will offer a three-row unibody SUV that could be amazing on roads in America. The platform used for this new Lexus will be the same one found in the Toyota Highlander. Toyota and Lexus stretch this platform to build the new TX and Grand Highlander SUVs.

Will this new luxury SUV offer fuel-sipping options?

The new TX will offer a hybrid powertrain but rumors tell us of a PHEV version. Lexus intends to build this new Lexus luxury SUV in Indiana. It offers some of the advanced driving features we want to enjoy during a drive. These include a remote parking system and a semi-automated driving system.

Which luxury models will compete with the new Lexus TX?

The new Lexus three-row crossover will go head to head with the Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X7. This gives us a better idea of the size and purpose of this new model. We don’t have any specific details other than the goal to have a three-row crossover and potentially a hybrid powertrain. The TX should arrive about six months after the new Toyota Grand Highlander. This new Toyota goes on sale in the middle of 2023.

The TX should fill the space that the RX L never could.

Lexus lengthened the RX to give us a three-row RX L; unfortunately, this attempt at a three-row crossover model didn’t quite get the job done. The upcoming Lexus TX fixes the glaring mistake made by this brand since three-row crossovers became popular. Could the new TX become the Lexus you want to drive? You can wait 18 months to answer this question.

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This article was updated on 3/3/2023.