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If you’re shopping for someone who loves LEGO and pickup trucks, this might be the gift for you. If you’re familiar with LEGO sets, you know there are tons from which to choose. Finding the right one for the LEGO builder in your life can be difficult and expensive. Pickup truck enthusiasts will love receiving the opportunity to build their model.

10290-1 Pickup truck – LEGO set

The LEGO pickup truck box with a white background
LEGO Pickup Truck Box | LEGO

This build mimics a 1950s vintage American pickup truck in red with plenty of extras. It’s no modern truck, which is severely underutilized for work purposes most of the time. Instead, it’s from the era where a truck’s sole purpose was to carry things from one location to the next. For younger LEGO builders, it could be a fun history lesson.

The model has no automaker or brand tied to it but is instead just a generic pickup truck. Since it was common in the 50s to use a truck like this on a farm, it also comes with produce. That way, when the truck is complete, owners can use it to carry LEGO produce from one place to another.

What comes with the set?

The red LEGO Pickup Truck and all its components
LEGO Pickup Truck | LEGO

The 1970-gram box includes a total of 1,677 pieces. Fourteen bags are holding the pieces, ranging from propellers and flowers to a tiny printed speedometer. The produce and extras include a cart and watering can for carrying and caring for the flowers. A Christmas wreath, autumn pumpkins, and more come inside the box with the pickup truck.

The doors of the truck open just as you’d expect them to, and the steering wheel can spin too. The engine comes deconstructed, and the steering wheel will operate moving parts inside the truck. The final truck build measures 5.5-inches high, 13-inches long, and 5.5-inches wide, according to Brickset. The wooden side railings on the truck’s bed add to the realism and overall 50s look of the truck.

What other realistic LEGO vehicle models are there?

Another realistic vehicle model for LEGO builders who don’t particularly like pickup trucks is the 10295-1 Porsche 911 Turbo. It’s available from LEGO for $149.99 and features a trendy white sports car. With it, you’ll find 1,458 pieces and fully opening doors, a trunk, and a hood. Builders can even build and install the rear-mounted air-cooled flat-six engine.

The Porsche logo appears on the rear of the vehicle, along with three different license plates. It measures 4-inches high, 7-inches wide, and 14-inches long, so it’s (understandably) a lot smaller than the pickup truck. Just like the truck, it is intended for adult builders as it is rather complex. Although with adult help and supervision, any LEGO set can be great for younger enthusiasts.

How much does the LEGO pickup truck cost?

The red LEGO Pickup Truck and all its components, rearview.
LEGO Pickup Truck Rearview | LEGO

Those interested can purchase the 10290-1 pickup truck from LEGO retailers for $129.99. In comparison to many other sets, it is a pretty affordable price. It can be found online from Amazon and directly from LEGO. It’s one of the more interesting realistic vehicle options if your LEGO builder doesn’t want the Millenium Falcon.

This 1950s LEGO pickup truck set is one of the best options for brick-building and truck enthusiasts this holiday season. Its realistic features make it one of the most remarkable models to build. Not to mention its seasonal extras, including Christmas-themed objects to place the truck in.


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