Lectric XP Is the Cinderella Story of Electronic Bikes

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for the next ‘big thing’ and right now, that’s e-Bikes. The only problem is that these bikes are costly. Most consumers might drool when they see someone riding down the street on an electric bike, but can’t afford to buy one. That’s where Lectric e-Bikes comes in.

The fledgling company which was started in a garage is now quickly becoming one of the fastest growing companies in America because it makes electric bikes that are affordable. So what’s the story behind Lectric e-Bikes? Electrek has all the details. 

It’s all began with helping family

We all love a good ‘from rags to riches’ story. Tesla is probably the most well-known story in recent years, and it looks like Lectric e-Bikes might be following in Tesla’s footsteps. Or tire treads, rather.

Robby Deziel and Levi Conlow founded Lectric e-Bikes. They are life long friends who didn’t start with a dream to own an electric bike company. Deziel had a mechanical engineering background, while Conlow has a business and entrepreneurial degree. 

Then Conlow’s dad decided he wanted to try an electric bike, but thought $3,000 was too much for one. Companies like Triumph make e-bikes, but they start at $3,750, which is more than most customers can afford. That’s when the pair saw an opportunity to build an e-bike that everyone could buy.

They began building bikes that had all the basics but not much more. This allowed them to construct budget-friendly e-bikes. The only problem was, no one was buying.

After weeks of trying to sell bikes everywhere from Craigslist to flea markets, they weren’t making a profit. Since no one wants to start a business that fails before it even takes off, Deziel and Conlow began to ask people what they wanted in an e-bike.

That’s where things began to take off. As it turns out, customers wanted a short bike that didn’t make you want to take an ice bath after riding it. They also wanted a bike that can fit in a car trunk. It’s easy enough to haul a bike if you have a truck or SUV, but it can be a real pain if you have a sedan.

Conlow and Deziel listened and came out with a new and improved bike. According to Electrek, “The Lectric XP featured a lower height thanks to its 20″ wheels, yet used fat tires to keep it comfortable even without suspension. It offered a folding mechanism so riders could transport the bike in a trunk instead of on a car rack. It was fast, with a 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed. And most importantly, it was priced at a reasonable $899.”

Deziel and Conlow got another loan from Conlow’s dad and built the Lectric XP. Then, rather than selling the bike on their own, they sent out the new bikes to 10 e-bike reviewers to try out, and things took off.

Focus on the customer 

Now that the customers had what they wanted, sales began to pour in. Conlow and Deziel moved out of their garage and got an office building and warehouse. Between trying to build bikes and answering phones, it was clear that they would have to expand, and they hired some customer service reps to help answer the phones. 

Calls were coming in so fast that many potential customers were waiting for over twenty minutes to get through, but the guys thought that wasn’t too bad, since other companies took hours to answer calls.

Lectric XP’s new director of operations thought that was too long and stated that she wanted calls answered in under one minute. The focus on the customer has paid off, and people are quickly learning to trust Lectric XP. 

Customers are responsible for spreading the word about Lectric e-Bikes. Some enjoy riding, while others are merely looking for something affordable to commute to work on, but all of Lectric e-Bikes customers seem to love their bike.

Are you ready for your own Lectric XP bike?

If you’re looking for a great e-bike that’s cheap, Lectric e-Bike currently has two models. The Lectric XP was the first bike Lectric e-Bike came out with, but they have now added a second e-bike known as the XP Step Thru.

Both are very similar, but the Step Thru is designed so that you don’t have to swing your leg over. This makes it perfect for anyone who has mobility issues and can’t just mount up without risking a nasty fall. It’s the little details like this that make Lectric e-Bike so popular.

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