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Most brand-new SUVs provide a stress-free ownership experience in the first few months. Some experts say these are some of the least satisfying luxury SUVs on the market for 2023 that fell short for some. If one of these luxurious sport utility vehicles was on your list, check out the alternatives below.

The least satisfying luxury SUVs include this Mercedes-Benz GLA

When Consumer Reports consulted owners about the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLA, most would not repurchase the luxury SUV. Consumer Reports uses its Annual Auto Survey to determine how well a vehicle delivers on its promises. Even though the GLA is still a good option for some, it falls short in the areas of reliability and owner satisfaction.

As a small, entry-level luxury SUV, the GLA improved for 2023. It offers a quiet and fuel-efficient ride, but most of the technology inside is convoluted and hard to work. Drivers report reliability issues throughout the first few months of ownership. Even though the GLA might have a reasonable MSRP, some better options exist in the same segment. For a better luxury SUV under $45,000, check out the 2023 Lexus UX.

MSRP Range: $37,500 – $56,650

Infiniti’s QX50 is one of the least satisfying luxury SUVs

The 2023 Infiniti QX50 received pretty average remarks for a luxury compact SUV. More than a quarter of owners said the 2023 QX50 wouldn’t be worth buying again. This Infiniti has a quiet and roomy cabin that is finished with quality materials. However, the engine used in the QX50 doesn’t deliver on performance or fuel economy. Along with a confusing set of controls, the 2023 QX50 leaves much to be desired. While it landed on the list of least satisfying luxury SUVs for 2023, there is hope for the QX50 next year.

The luxury compact SUV segment is pretty packed full of good options. The Infiniti might be a good option for brand-loyal consumers or those who want to get into a brand-new SUV for under $58,000. The 2023 Acura RDX has a similar range and better remarks from owners for equivalent small SUVs.

MSRP Range: $40,300 – $57,350

Don’t get too excited about the Mercedes-Benz GLB

The least satisfying luxury SUVs of 2023 include this 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB
A 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB | Mercedes-Benz

What does the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB have to offer? As far as luxury compact SUVs go, the GLB has a well-appointed interior and good fuel economy. Its boxy looks might not be for everyone, but it is a good option between the small GLA and the bigger GLC.

The GLB hasn’t been on the market for long, but it also hasn’t proved itself yet. Owners report a variety of issues in the first year of ownership that do not contribute to a stress-free experience. Add to that the high entry cost, and it is clear why the GLB is one of the least satisfying luxury SUVs of 2023. If you like the idea of the GLB but not the unfavorable reviews, the 2023 Genesis GV70 might be worth considering.

MSRP Range: $39,800 – $51,500

If you have one of the least satisfying luxury SUVs for 2023 on your shortlist, try one of the available alternatives. You might be surprised by what the competition offers in a similar range.


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